Blue Plum

5 Jun

This weekend is the Blue Plum Festival downtown, which means there are tons of people, no parking, and vendors selling all kinds of arts and crafts – not to mention all the delicious fair-food smells wafting down the street. My responsibilities for the festival are basically to sit around in the kids’ section, supervising a bubble table and letting kids meet the gecko and the roaches. Sounds fun, right? Well, it’s not been that bad – although it is incredibly hot out there, even with a tent covering me.

The thing about it is, everyone else my age going to Blue Plum this weekend is going for the music and the drinks later at night. I’m stuck out there in the middle of the day, technically working, baking in the hot sun. I feel like I’m about 35 years old. Any of my friends that are going are going to be there at night. And although I could really go down there, that’s about the last place I want to be after spending the entire day down there. My parents came down and walked around with me for a while after I got off work yesterday, which was nice. But, because I was still in my work attire, I couldn’t really go into any of the bars or enjoy myself as an adult. Definitely one of the drawbacks of working with kids all day.

It hasn’t been terrible, really, but this is just another thing on the list of reasons I’m feeling overworked and antisocial.

On the bright side, I did buy this gorgeous hand-blown glass ball with the tree of life inside of it. The guy selling them was from the Czech Republic, where they make this special kind of art. He was telling us about all the different meanings and symbolism of the colors used. Mine is a rainbow tree, which is supposed to bring spiritual balance into your life. This is something I think really describes me, and is something I strive for in my life. And not just spiritual – just a general life balance. One day it will sit in my art therapy studio, wherever that ends up being. As of now, I don’t have a place for it. But I will soon!

As if all that wasn’t enough, my skin is starting to peel off from my sunburn. I won’t go into too many details, because that’s kind of gross. That’s stage two of the sunburn life cycle. I have a feeling this is going to keep going on for a while. Why can’t I just have normal, sun-tolerant skin? Oh, genetics – I’m cursing you!


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