Three Day Weekend

30 May

The last few days have been quite busy! Lots of things going on at work and in my personal life.

On Thursday I had breakfast with Katie before work. It was so nice to see her – it’s been so long! It’s still so weird to see friends who are married. I don’t feel old enough for that. When I finally made it to work, we did a sheep heart disection workshop at the Museum. I was so glad to learn how to do it the real way, and not the weird method the official lab guide tells you to do. I feel a lot better about doing them now. Let’s just hope that sheep hearts are the only thing people want to dissect! Otherwise I’ll have to learn all the other things soon…

That afternoon I packed up all the Outreach stuff and headed up to Abingdon for the Mother and Child Exo. This was one of those events where you go and set up a booth and promote your business or service. I took all the Museum info with me, as well as the gecko and the cockcroaches. It’s usually just the gecko with me, but I had the cockroaches as well for a program the next day. Kids always love meeting those animals – they’re usually a big hit! I’m surprised the gecko puts up with as much as she does – she’s got to be the most patient animal in the world. Anyway, it was a pretty successful event, I think. There were lots of people there, but the music was so loud! That’s the one thing that kind of made the day long for me. That, and the fact that I didn’t get home til about 9. And didn’t get to eat dinner til then, either.

Friday morning I went to a school in Kingsport and did the Creepy Crawlies program. It was their last day of school, so the kids were pretty excited about what was going on. They had some face painting going on somewhere in the school – several of the kids came into my programs with all kinds of random stuff on their faces. They were using up some field trip money they didn’t get to spend earlier in the year; with all the snow we had, they had to miss a field trip one day, so they had that money left over. So, they called up the Museum and wanted to have the gecko and the roaches come out for the kids to meet. As usual, there were plenty of kids who were really into the animals, and those who didn’t want anything to do with lizards or bugs. I have to admit, I kind of like doing that program. I’m not a huge cockroach fan, but they kind of grow on you. They’re creepy, for sure, but they’re harmless. And you just get used to handling them.

That night Amanda, Nikki and I went out for dinner at Scratch, which is this little store that sells brick-oven pizzas and is only open on the weekends. It’s in a an old house downtown, and it’s so tiny! There were only five, maybe six tables inside, and not much room to move around. They’ve been there for a while, and my mom and I always said we wanted to go down there and try it out, but we never did. We decided the other day that we would get together and have dinner there on Friday. We ordered a Trust pizza, which basically means you tell the guys at the counter you don’t care what they put on the pizza – you just want to be surprised and want them to have full creativity! I don’t remember what all we got on ours – some kind of ham or proscuitto or capicola, onions, olives, tomatoes, spinach, and lots of cheese – but it was delicious! I love creative pizza toppings. We had a really nice time at dinner.

Saturday was quite memorable. My cousin, Carrie, got married in the early afternoon. It was a tiny little wedding – there couldn’t have been more than 50 people there. It was my dad’s side of the family, who we barely see or talk to. So most of the people there I’d met before, but not many times, and didn’t really remember all that well. It was a nice wedding – not exactly my taste – but not as awkward as I was expecting. Carrie is 20 – the same age as my brother, which just blows my mind. So basically, out of all my cousins, James and I are the only ones who are not married and/or have no kids. I guess we’re a little behind…

Today we went out to the lake on my dad’s boat. It’s bout time – I haven’t been out there all summer yet! There were tons of people out on the lake today; being Memorial Day weekend, I knew there would be a lot of people out there today. We had a really nice time. It was pretty hot, but we jumped off the boat and swam around for a while. Until the fish started biting us! My dad was still in the boat fishing a little bit, and those tiny minnows started nipping at me and my mom. It didn’t really hurt that much, but just got more and more annoying. So swimming got cut short a little bit. I was really dumb and didn’t wear any sunscreen today. I don’t know why I do that to myself – i guess I was just in a hurry today. I don’t do well in the sun, which is so unfair because everyone else in my family tans like crispy bread. But me? I just turn out to be a sore, blistering tomato. I just don’t understand how that gene missed me. Both my parents, my brother, and both sets of grandparents all tan really well, and don’t really get sunburned. I can’t go out into the sun for any amount of time without sunscreen. Yeah, I know I should technically always wear it just for good protection, but I hardly ever do. It’s just not fair. So anyway, now I’m sitting at home with a burning back, chest, and arms. I guess I’m going to be paying the price for this for a while.

My dad and I had dinner and margaritas at the Mexican restaurant he loves so much. This is the second time this weekend he’s eaten there, and the third day in a row he’s had quesadillas for dinner. If I were to guess his favorite food, I think I could safely put money on that… I’ve definitely eaten well this weekend – so much good, rich food in the past three days! I really need to get back on the bandwagon with my eating right and exercising. I haven’t been keeping up with it the past few days. I don’t feel terrible, but I need to get out of my rut. A little vacation has been nice, though.

I’m in the middle of baking some cookies at the moment. I’m trying a new recipe I found online, for Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies. They look delicious! I’ll let you know how they turn out. I’m pretty excited about the combination of caramel, chocolate, and sea salt. And you make them in a muffin top pan, so they’re nice and thick and chewy. I can’t wait to try them. My first batch didn’t turn out great – I overfilled the muffin pan so the cookies were really hard to get off the pan. But I’ve since improved them a little, so hopefully these last batches will turn out better. I just love baking!

I’m having quite a lovely three-day weekend, and a much-needed break! I’ve worked hard this whole month, so I’m so glad to have a few days off to do absolutely nothing!


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