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26 May

I’m back in the office today after two days of being out at schools doing programs. It’s nice to have a day off – well, not really a day off, because I’m in the office today – but it’s nice to just have some time at the Museum to catch up on some work, respond to emails, return phone calls, and prepare for programs. That’s what I’m doing today – it’s a low-key day for me, and I’m just getting caught up on things I can’t do when I’m out on the road doing programs. I’ve spent most of the day working on my new Art Around the World program. I’m starting that series here in about two weeks for Girls Inc, as part of some grant funding we have but haven’t used up yet. I’m developing eight different sessions for the series, all talking about art in different countries – places that don’t really follow the Western ideal of art and expression. It should be really fun and interesting for the girls, and hopefully I’ll learn a few things, too!

Monday I was out at South Central doing BioFuels. I’m pretty sure I can do that program in my sleep now. And even by myself – we used to take two people do it, but with me being in charge of Outreach now, it’s usually just me by myself. Yesterday I was back out at the same school to do the sheep heart dissection again. I really hope I’m doing it right, because it seems really messy. I’m supposed to be helping out with a sheep heart workshop at the Museum tomorrow, so I’ll definitely learn how it’s done for real. We’ve been getting ready for that today, so hopefully it will go OK for us. We were planning to do it back in February, for National Heart Month, but it got snowed out that day – and then every single day we rescheduled it for several months! Seeing as it’s the end of May now, I really hope we don’t have more snow tomorrow. I think at that point we should just give up on it!

I’m excited about tomorrow – even though it will be a long, busy day – because I’m having breakfast with Katie! It will be an early morning, but breakfast was the only time this week we could get together! She’s moving to Birmingham this weekend, so I don’t know when I’ll see her next. We’ve been trying to get together forever, and I haven’t even seen her since the wedding. She’s always been such a good friend, so I’m excited to see her soon.

I finally got to go to yoga tonight, after weeks of not going. I can tell that I’ve lost some of my flexibility since I’m out of practice. It was nice to go and de-stress; I always feel so relaxed and re-energized when I leave. That’s the thing I love so much about it – that after a long, stressful day, I can go and just chill out, and get a second wind. Not that I could run a marathon or anything after, but I just have a new sense of energy and forget about the busyness of my day. I’ve really missed going to it. I must get back in the habit of doing that.

I’m going over to Nikki’s house tonight to watch the American Idol finale with her and Amanda. I haven’t seen a single episode of it this season – or really any season, for that matter. I’ve never been a huge fan of the show. But I thought I would go and hang out with them for a while, and pretend like I have a social life. I’m tired of coming home at night after work and doing nothing – just having dinner and going to the gym. I mean, it’s nice in its own way, but it’s boring. I sometimes feel like I don’t have friends. I’d like to add some more excitement and friendship to my life. And not feel like such an old lady.


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