Ten Things Tuesday – May 25

25 May

Ten things on my to-do list:

1. Order temporary tattoos for the Museum. So I’ll have something to do at all my summer events and won’t have to facepaint for hours on end!

2. Pay my credit card bill. It’s not too crazy right now.

3. Go grocery shopping. Living with my parents and my grandmother, I usually don’t have to do this. But if I want super-healthy things like my favorite Lean Cuisine meals, granola bars, and Skinny Cows, I have to get them myself.

4. Buy frozen shrimp for my turtle. He loves these things – I’ve literally never seen him eat anything so fast. They’re a good source of protein for him, so I better get on this one fast.

5. Hem my pants. I just went pants shopping a few weeks ago (I’m down one size and everything was falling off me!), but now they’re all too long. They need some serious hemming so I don’t rip up the bottoms too fast.

6. Call Katy. I haven’t talked to her in forever, and I really want to hear all about her first year of grad school and find out about her life!

7. Organize the recipes in my room. For years, I’ve been collecting recipes from magazines and online, in the hopes of creating my own cookbook one day. So far, they’re still in a big pile in my room. Maybe that will be my summer project…

8. Finish The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. Seriously, it’s been months. Why can’t I finish this book? I just don’t give myself any time to read anymore. I need to get back into that habit.

9. Buy all the art supplies I need for my upcoming series called Art Around the World. I’m starting this in about two weeks with Girls Inc., and I need to get it together. I need lots of materials for this eight-week Outreach program. Not to mention finish my lesson plans…

10. Finish the rest of the pending TTT lists that I’ve started as drafts but never completed! I feel like I’m running out of inspiration. Any suggestions?


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