Ten Things Tuesday – May 18

18 May

Wedding Season. I’ve spent a lot of time recently looking at wedding pictures on Facebook, looking up wedding ideas online, and dreaming about what the new line of Anthropologie wedding dresses will look like. Not that I’m anywhere close to getting engaged, or even dating in general. But like any other girl, I dream about what my wedding will be like one day. I really want it to be fun, and unique, and be a memorable experience for the guests. I hate when people just go to the reception for a few minutes and then leave (as seems to be common practice in my family). So, here are ten creative wedding ideas I’d love to use one day:

1. Bridesmaid dresses from Anthropologie. This is the idea that started it all, you could say. Anthro sells the greatest dresses in the world, and they would make really cute bridesmaid dresses. And they’re so cute they would definitely be worn over and over. It would be something really special and more unique than one of those traditional bridesmaid dresses you never wear again. As long as it didn’t make them prettier than me…

2. Instead of a guestbook, I’d like to have a wish tree. Kind of like the art therapy intervention where you write your troubles or wishes on a tree, but this one would be good wishes from all our guests.

3. Naming the dinner tables after all our first dates, or at least places that were really special to us. I saw this on a TV show once, where a bride had done that. I think it would be a great way to tell the story of how we met and fell in love, and would help people get to know us a little better.

4. Homemade photo booth, with costumes and props. I’ve seen professional photo booths at weddings recently, but I think it would be so much more fun to do this on your own. You could have hats and boas and all kinds of things to play dress-up and take some fun and silly pictures with your family and friends.

5. Set up an easel and ask each guest to paint a heart. It would be so fun to make a collage of these along with your wedding photos.

6. Bride and groom specialty cocktails. How great would it be to have your own signature wedding cocktail? I think it would be amazing. You wouldn’t need an open bar or anything, but just offer these specialty couple’s drinks.

7. Personalized Converse shoes. I went to a school called Converse, so I think it would only be appropriate to wear Converse shoes at some point during the wedding. Maybe just for the reception. And the best part is that you can customize your sneakers to be whatever you want. White for a bride, or to match your wedding colors. How adorable would it be to put your wedding date on them!

8. Customized wedding perfume or cologne. I think it would be fun to go out to one of those stores where you can make your own custom perfume, but you wouldn’t necessarily have to do that. You could have a special one that you buy just for that day. Although making your own would make it much more special.

9. Anthropologie-inspired centerpieces. Everything from little perfume bottles, candles, and picture frames to wine bottle vases. They just have a special touch to everything they do.

10. Instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles, this couple made little pom poms and had them thrown down the aisle. So cute!


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