17 May

Last night I went over to Amanda’s parents’ house for the season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Her dad’s building company went down to Georgia few months ago to help build a house for the show, and it premiered last night. They had a bunch of people over celebrate and watch the show together. They had tons of food and some delicious desserts there! I’ve been eating badly all weekend, and I just decided to go with it last night. I was surprised by how many people were there; I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it just seemed really packed!

It was nice to watch the show all together, and Amanda’s mom was even on TV! It was just for a few seconds, you could see her over the shoulder of one of the head contactors. I didn’t seen anyone else from her family, but it was kind of cool to see her mom on there. She’s got her two seconds of fame! 

The show was really good – definitely one of those that pulls at your heartstrings a little bit. It’s always really hard to watch that show and not cry. The family that got this house seemed so nice, too. They live somewhere in Georgia, and their dad is a high school football coach. They showed his players on there, and they all seem to really respect him so much. He has Lou Gehrig’s disease, and he’s already lost some of his speech. Their son is paralyzed from the waist down – I don’t really remember what happened there. The parents were high school sweethearts, and you could just tell that they were so in love and had known each other forever. Seeing people like that really makes you believe in soulmates. They really went all-out for that finale, because they had the family that inspired The Blind Side there to help! They even redid the football locker rooms as a tribute to their coach. It’s always really inspiring to see people like that, willing to come together and help out people who really deserve it.

I felt like that this weekend. Even though I didn’t do nearly the amount of work that goes into making an entire house, we were still able to help in our own way. I kind of felt like I was working on that show, gutting a house and trying to make it better. It really gives you a good feeling of accomplishment and self-worth, to help someone like that. Even though I have no idea how to build a house, it still felt good to know I was helping.


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