Mother’s Day

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! We’ve had a pretty good day around here. We all got up for church this morning, for the first time since probably Easter. I wore my new sweater from Anthropologie with shoes all over it, which I’m so in love with! I thought it would be appropriate for today, somehow.

We spent most of the day just lying around and being lazy. Both my mom and my grandmother really liked their presents I got them yesterday. My dad spent most of the afternoon watching baseball games out at the field, so we waited for him to get back before we went to dinner. We had planned to go out to Carrabba’s, but their wait was insanely long. We ended up at Chili’s for dinner instead. Not too bad, but I really had my heart set on that amazing shrimp and scallop dinner at Carrabba’s that I love.

It’s been such a nice, relaxing weekend. Even though it was cold yesterday, the weather warmed up for us today to make it nice. I’m getting rested up for my busy week this week. There’s no rest for the weary!


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