5 May

James is home for the summer as of today. His last final was this morning and then he drove back home from Columbia this afternoon. It’s going to be really weird having him here again. It’s like our roles are reversed. He lived here for three years without me, while I was at school. Then there was just one year when we were both gone at the same time. And now, it’s backwards. I’m at home again while he’s off at school. And now, for three months, we’re back under the same roof.

We actually get along pretty well, considering that we don’t really do that much together. He keeps pretty much to himself when he’s here (and when he’s at school, for that matter – we barely hear from him), so there’s just not much hanging out that we do. So it will be interesting to see how this summer goes. I’m not expecting it to be bad or anything, just different to have him around. We get so used to him not being here that it’s really strange when he is here.

It’s also Cinco de Mayo, which no one in my family is celebrating. I was secretly hoping all day that I’d come home to some Mexican food for dinner, but I had no such luck. Instead, my grandmother decided to make a beef stew. Beef. Stew. In May. When it’s, like, 80-something degrees outside. And to top it all off, she put cinnamon and nutmeg in it to give it a different flavor. Apparently that’s a big thing to do down in south Louisiana. Needless to say, it was not good. I had a second dinner later.


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