Living on Earth is Expensive, But it Does Include a Free Trip Around the Sun

2 May

In an ideal world, I would love to work for about six or seven months of the year, and use that money to just travel around the world and enjoy life for the rest of the year. How amazing would that be? Do some job that you really liked, that was meaningful, but only for have a year, and then spend the rest of your time just traveling and having new experiences?

Melody and I have decided this would be the ideal existence. You’d get just enough working in that you wouldn’t get burnt out on what you were doing. It would be meaningful and give you purpose in life, and you’d be able to pay the bills on time and have a decent diet. And then, for the rest of the year, you’d just take off and get away from it all. Take a months-long road trip and travel across the entire United States. Travel to see old friends, and keep up with people all over the country. See the entire world in parts – six months in Europe, six months in Asia, six months in South America. Whatever you want. Just getting to see the world and have new experiences, meet people from all over the globe, try new and exotic foods, see spectacular cities and gorgeous nature. Life just couldn’t get much better than that.

I really think I could get used to that kind of life. I wouldn’t want to do nothing but travel – I think I’d need a break after a while. It can be exhausting to be on the road for an extended period of time. You just need some time to come back to the place you call home, to recharge your batteries and get ready for your next adventure. And to enjoy all the things you’ve just seen, too. Go away for too long and you start to forget everything you’ve seen and done! And not only that, but you’d need a job to keep your resources coming in. Working gives you purpose and satisfaction in life. Everyone says they’d like to be lazy and have nothing to do, but really, that gets more tedious than having a job. When you wake up in the morning and you have nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no responsibilities, what will you do day after day after day? For a week or so, this would be great. That’s vacation. But you need to get back to having something to achieve in your life, to give you a sense that you’re not just wasting away.

I could handle about six months of work, and then six months of travel. Just enough to have the money to travel, and then just take off on another adventure. Go anywhere and do anything and be anyone. To have that freedom to just decide you’re going to pick up and leave, with no real plan for coming back soon. I just want to see everything I can in the world, and get to experience as much as I can with the time I’m given. You never know when your time is going to be up, so you’ve got to take chances while you can. I have such wanderlust lately. I feel like, as a citizen of the world, I should get to see as much of it as I can. I know it’s really, really big, and there’s no way I will ever see all of it. But it’s the only planet I’ll ever get to see, so I want to make sure I get to know it well. There’s so much out there that’s different, and beyond comprehension unless you actually get to see it.

Prentiss says the solution to this is to marry rich. I think she’s right. Money can’t buy happiness, but I’m sure it helps. It certainly can’t hurt, right? I get the meaning of it, though, that possessions and wealth aren’t the things that make you happy in life. But for someone like me, who wants to see and do everything, it’s kind of a necessity. It’s very difficult to travel without money, and kind of dangerous, too. Especially for women. I don’t know how smart it would be for me to hitchhike my way across the United States or through Europe. Maybe as a man, I could get away with it. But not so much as a woman. It’s so unfair.

So until that becomes safe or I win millions of dollars in the lotteries I don’t play, I’m waiting on my wealthy British husband to come find me, so we can travel the world together for half the year. Yep, I think that would make me quite happy indeed.


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