29 Apr

Between working non-stop for over two weeks and going down to South Carolina last weekend for the reunion, I find myself with a stress-and-pollen-induced cold. Of course, the sudden turn in the weather – from warm and sunny to freezing and rainy – hasn’t helped either. This cold isn’t bad enough to make me miserable and stay home from work, but just bad enough that every time I snort nasal spray I feel like I’ve just inhaled chlorine pool water through my nose. Basically, I either can’t breathe through my nose, or it feels like it’s about to flood out all my bodily fluids, or it’s on fire/borderline ticklish enough to make me sneeze every two minutes or so. It’s not really fun.

When I was younger, my immune system used to be so good. I think four years of constant work, stress, and sleep deprivation have finally caught up with me. Mind you, I still don’t get sick that often, but definitely more than I’m used to. The fall of my senior year I had a nasty case of bronchitis for about two weeks, which is just about the sickest I’ve been for a while. Like I said, I’m nowhere near that sick right now. But I just wish my head would clear up and I would quit sounding like a moose going through puberty.

Thank goodness for NyQuil and DayQuil. These have been my saving graces. Those commercials really aren’t lying when they say you can get a good night’s sleep when you take it; I’m pretty sure I was snoring and breathing mostly through my mouth last night, but at least I was breathing! I actually got a great night’s sleep, which is really helpful in the recovery of illness. Hopefully this will not last much longer, and I can actually have a good weekend. Well, at the very least, be alert and non-stuffy for my AmeriCorps training meeting this Saturday.


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