Hey, Big Spender

28 Apr

I went more than a little bit crazy this weekend while I was shopping. I went three separate times, all to different stores, and spent way more than I was planning to. It was entirely worth it, though, because I love everything I got and I know it will be put to good use. It’s been forever since I’ve been shopping, because as part of my diet motivation plan, I’m not allowed to spend money until I reach my goals. Well, that completely went out the window this weekend, but I’m not sorry about it. It seems like a major setback, but really was just me snatching up things I really needed and will be able to enjoy fully once this is all over.

So trip #1 was to Anthropologie. I went up there on Friday afternoon after Founder’s Day. Everyone was pretty much in class or working during this time, so I just went by myself. I figured this would be a good time to go, because all the alumnae events on campus were things I didn’t really want to see: campus tours, housing plans, mock classes. Basically everything I had just done a year ago. So, off to Charlotte I went!

I was searching Anthropologie for these amazing glasses (more on the condiment bowls in a minute). Not that I have my own apartment or house to furnish, but I’m just so in love with them. They look so “me,” and I just had to have them. The store had nine of them, which isn’t really a full set. Luckily, Anthro has the best customer service in the entire world, and they offered to look at other stores to see if they were in stock anywhere else, and ship them to me FOR FREE! It wasn’t two hours after I left the store that I got a call saying the glasses had been located, and would be shipped whenever I wanted after returning their call. Talk about good luck! These were out of stock on the website and I just got lucky enough that they found the rest of my set for me! So now, I have a full set of 16 of these glasses just waiting for an artsy-looking apartment to fill. Oh, one day…

I also got these cute doorknobs for Melody’s bathroom cabinet as a housewarming/thanks-for-letting-me-crash-at-your-house present. Her bathroom is, of course, ocean-themed, with octopi and mermaids everywhere. I thought it only appropriate to get her these, as well. There are so many octopus-related things in Anthropologie right now. I’m sure she would have died if she’d seen all of it!

The next afternoon we headed up to the Gaffney outlets for some more shopping. We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel beforehand. It was me and some girls I graduated with – people I’m friends with but didn’t really hang out with much during school. It wasn’t really awkward at all – they are so nice and friendly! I really had a lot of fun. I told myself in my head that I wouldn’t buy anything – or at least restrain myself if I found something I liked. That, of course, didn’t last long. They have tons of stores up there – we went in just a few of them – and I found some great stuff. (See picture below for cumination of all clothing purchases.)

On Sunday, I got up and met Morgan for breakfast at The Skillet. How I went four years without ever going to that place, I’ll never know. It was a lot like Waffle House, but just a local thing. The food was really, really good. I kind of regretted eating so much greasy food afterwards, though, because I could really tell it with the way I felt! Anyway, after we ate, we sat in the Ross parking lot until they opened up. Morgan was looking for graduation event dresses – I remember that feeling from last year very well! And I’m pretty sure I ended up buying all of mine – my graduation dress, Hats Off, art show opening, and senior paper presentation dress – all at Ross. But back on topic. Morgan tried on several dresses, as did I. There were a few that were really cute, but I ended up buying a navy dress and a printed skirt. The dress is SO comfortable, and looks good. The skirt reminds me of something I saw in Anthropologie or InStyle once, but of course much cheaper! I also got the cute little condiment bowls seen earlier, which of course I have no immediate need for. But I plan on living on my own someday, and want to give dinner parties all the time. And these will come in handy when I have tapas parties or need small bowls for something. At any rate, I love kitchen gadgets, and Ross is a good place to find them.

1. Purple lace shirt,  Banana Republic
2. Purple embellished dress, Banana Republic
3. Cactus-printed dress, Anthropologie
4. Braided and printed tank, Anthropologie
5. Coral striped cardigan, Banana Republic
6. Navy braided dress, Ross
7. Purple embellished cardigan, Anthropologie
8. Yellow and purpe jersey and lace shirt, Anthropologie
9. Skirt, Ross
10. Watercolor printed silk tank, Anthropologie
11. Yellow embroidered cardigan, Banana Republic
12. White embroidered shirt, Banana Republic

So as you can see, I went a little crazy with my spending this weekend! But I’m really happy with what I got, so it was a really good trip. I’ll just have to practice some self-restraint in the coming months, and in the meantime maybe not spend so much time combing the Anthropologie website quite so often! It’s good for my closet, but bad for my wallet!


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