Ten Things Tuesday – April 27

27 Apr

Whatever happened to…

1. Sisqo. You sing one song about thongs, and you should be set for life, right? So why on earth did he ever fade into relative obscurity?

2. Mark Hamill. I mean, if I had to cope with the badass-ness of Han Solo overshadowing me in nearly every aspect of my life, I think I’d fall off the face of the earth, too.

3. Fabio. I haven’t checked my local romance novel section latetly, or bought (I Can’t Believe it’s Not) butter, but his legendary mane of silky hair seems to be missing from pop culture today.

4. Right Said Fred. They were too sexy for just about everything you can imagine…even their cats. Clearly, they were also too sexy to stay on the scene too long.

5. Macaulay Culkin. There was a time, believe it or not, when you couldn’t go outside, or turn on the TV, or read a magazine without someone declaring him the Next Big Thing. He was a massive child star, and everyone thought he was going places. Admit it. You secretly wanted to booby-trap your entire house from robbers, too.

6. Hayley Mills. I used to watch her in the original Parent Trap and in Pollyanna all the time when I was little. And now, where is she?

7. Fred and Ben Savage. Two adorable brothers, two great sitcoms. Where, oh where, did they go?

8. Brandy. I remember actually having one of her CDs in the late elementary school/middle school years. I never saw her TV show, but I did see her in Cinderella. And now….?

9. Sinbad. Any career that includes the movie Good Burger should be solid as a rock.

10. The cast of Dawson’s Creek. Except for Katie Holmes, of course. She’s definitely still productive these days…


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