22 Apr

Today is my LAST work day in this marathon! I’m leaving early this afternoon to drive down to Spartanburg for our one-year reunion at Converse! It’s hard to believe it’s already been a whole year – sometimes it feels a lot longer than that, other times it feels like I was just there yesterday!

I’m glad to have a little break after working so hard lately. I’m excited to see Melody’s house, and see friends from school, and go shopping. I’m planning to drive up to Charlotte to go to Anthropologie tomorrow afternoon, while people are working or in class. I’ve taken on the task of combing their website every day – like it’s my job to do so – and in the process have gotten quite a long wish list. I discovered today in my daily browsing session that a few of my favorite items are out of stock, so I’m making it my mission to find them in the stores this weekend. I realize this is completely covetous and greedy, but I don’t care. These are things I just really need in my life, because I love them and they are so appropriately me. Wish me luck in finding them!

Also, I’m not really being very green today, but happy Earth Day to everyone!


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