Ten Things Tuesday – April 20

20 Apr

I don’t really consider myself any kind of homemaker, but I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I make something that someone really loves. And even more so when it’s useful. I’ve found several home-improvement/decorating type projects lately, and it really makes me want my own house so I can fill it with all this cute stuff. Here are ten upcoming projects that will one day find their way to my future home (most of them from The Big-Ass Book of Crafts:

1. Polaroid calendar. Probably the most creative, genius thing ever. I’m so in love with this project. This one is already in the works. I have photos for several of the numbers, and I can’t wait to get it all together. Of course, it’s impossible to get your hands on Polaroid cameras or film these days, but I have a backup plan. I’m taking digital pictures of everything and converting them in Poladroid. I’m trying really hard not to cheat – that is, use other photos I find. I’m determined to make this calendar using exclusively my own photos.

2. Mosaic candle votives. So beautiful! Reminds me of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. These really look like me – like something I would for sure have in my house. I usually don’t burn that many candles, but I think if I had these beautiful little votives, I would have a great excuse to!

3. Scrabble-inspired pillows. I can’t sew, but I would really like to learn how. I think it would be a handy skill to have. I love the look of these pillows, and you could make them to say anything. I do happen to love the “Love” in these!

4. Personalized coasters. These just use regular bathroom tiles. I’d love to do these with some of my favorite pieces of art! I think this would be a great way to add some extra color to a room.

5. Recycled magazine garbage bin. Too cute – and a green way to get rid of those old magazines I have piling up!

6. Serving trays. Nothing says good hostess better than creative, fun trays to serve snacks on! And it would be so cute to have some for different seasons and holidays, like this one with leaves. Except, it would be even better to use actual leaves! Really if you got a supply of trays, there are few limits to what you could put on it – leaves, tiles, photos, whatever!

7. Tiered serving platter made with old plates, saucers, and teacups. Simply adorable. This makes me want to have a tea party!

8. This amazing picture frame, made of recycled folded paper.

And another version:

9. Mirrored tile table. Really, how pretty would this be, to have everything reflected back from your table? Just gorgeous. I’d love to make one and use it as a breakfast table.

10. Painted lace-pattern plates. Just too good NOT to have!


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