Earth Day

18 Apr

It’s official – Earth Day is over! I won’t go into too many details, just that it was fairly successful, and I’m so relieved that it’s over. Of course, I don’t know what I’ll be doing with myself for the next few days. There aren’t lists of people to call or email, nothing else to collect from the Museum, no more arrangements of anything to be done. It’s so weird that these few months have gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were having our first meeting about it, and now it’s over. It was really a lot of work, and quite stressful today. But we’re done! It’s over! No more, for an entire year.

I felt like I was running around, crazy all day, untilwe actually got underway. I managed to kill about 12 guppies from one of the tanks downstairs. I felt bad about it, but we have so many that they really won’t be missed. I know that sounds cruel, but it’s true. Guppies breed like rabbits. You start out with three or four, and before you know it you have 40. But anyway, it was so hectic, and I’m exhausted. But I’m definitely glad to have it behind me. I’m so glad we had so many people to help us out, otherwise I might not be alive right now.

I’m so ready for a break now! Just a few more days and I will have a three day weekend, headed to Spartanburg for our one-year Converse reunion. I really cannot wait – I’m staying with Melody in her new house, which I’m so excited to see! I’m also looking forward to seeing friends I haven’t really kept in touch with recently. It will be weird to see them after a year – I still can’t believe time has gone by that fast! I really can’t wait – I need this break so badly! 17 days in a row working is productive, but not what I’d call relaxing.


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