Blood, Sweat, and Tears

17 Apr

The constant working continues! Today was Healthy Kids Day up at the YMCA, which turned out to be pretty busy. I don’t know if I’m just slacking off or so overworked that I can’t focus anymore, but I didn’t really feel prepared for this weekend at all. First of all, I woke up really late, so I didn’t have a lot of time to get up there and get everything set up. I took a wrong turn because I was in such a rush I wasn’t really paying attention, which set me back a few minutes. I finally got up there with about 10 minutes to set up, but luckily the kids all came in and did some yoga poses as a group before they really started going around to all the tables. That gave me a few extra minutes to make up for being so late! I do not like to be rushed when it comes to work things like this.

I took the Heart Smart program up there, which is really fun to do. I took our model heart and our preserved pig’s heart, both of which are always big hits. We made vials of fake blood using candy, which sounds kind of gross but actually looks pretty cool. You take one of those plastic preforms that they use to make soda bottles and fill it about halfway with corn syrup, which is supposed to be plasma. Then you put in 7 or 8 red hot candies, which are the red blood cells. Next goes a couple of marshmallows for white blood cells, and a pinch of little sprinkles for platelets. This is supposed to represent the proportions of what our blood is made of. Of course, the kids really love using candy and making something out of it. I noticed several marshmallows being snuck and eaten – kids will be kids, after all.

So the program ended up being such a big hit, that before time was halfway over I had used all the corn syrup and red hots I had brought! Luckily there was a grocery store not too far away, so I left for about 15 minutes and ran down to get some more. I felt bad leaving my table abandoned, but it was necessary so I wouldn’t have so many disappointed kids. It was really lucky that the store was so close – otherwise I wouldn’t have made it in such a short time! Doing these kind of events is always difficult to judge the amount of supplies you need – especially since I’ve never done these outreaches before, and have no record of numbers from last year. Whoever comes in after me is going to have ridiculous OCD notes about everything, because I definitely keep track of everything I do!

It was just a hectic day all around, what with having to leave to get more supplies and having a constant stream of kids coming to make vials of blood. Not to mention the fact that corn syrup is really sticky, so I had it all over myself. I did this myself – I didn’t want the kids to get it everywhere – so at least they weren’t getting sticky syrup all over the place! Overall I’d say it was a successful event, but it was still pretty stressful. It definitely would have gone a lot more smoothly if I hadn’t been so rushed and felt so unprepared the entire day! But it’s over now, and it’s just down to Earth Day tomorrow. I’m still kind of dreading it – that feeling that I really want it to be over, but don’t actually want to go through with it. For tonight, though, I can relax a little bit.

I’ve been waiting forever for Glee to be available on Netflix. It’s been out for quite a while, but of course the first disc was always out at someone else’s house. So finally, the other day, it was ready to be shipped to me! I’ve never seen the show before, but had a feeling it was one that I would love. I was definitely not wrong about that. I got the first disc earlier this week, and watched all the episodes in one sitting. I was hooked already, after only a few hours. In fact, I loved it so much that I just couldn’t wait to see the next episodes, so I just went out last night and bought the entire season. That’s what I’ve been doing nonstop since about Thursday – watching Glee. If you haven’t seen it and you have any remote interest in music or singing, you’ll love it. I especially identify with it after living with music majors for four years. It’s so brilliant and funny, and the music is just amazing. They really took their time to make this a quality show. I mean, if you’re going to cover all these uber-famous songs, you’ve gotta do it right.

So now, I’m hooked, and I can’t wait to see what else they serve up. It’s really been a nice escape from reality, amidst my insanely hectic work schedule lately. I’m so glad I have another great show to watch!


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