Ten Things Tuesday – April 13

13 Apr

I’ve really been in a baking/cooking mood lately, so today ‘s list is inspired by my newfound prowess as a baker. Ten new recipes to try:

1. Blackberry Lemon Clafouti. I found this on Eggs on Sunday, and it looks delicious. Lemons and blackberries together? Sign me up! I admit I’d never heard of a clafouti before I found this recipe a while back, but it looks divine!

2. Blackberry Cake. I’d love to adapt my lemon curd cake to use blackberries. I think it would work pretty well – it translated nicely from oranges to lemons, after all. And blackberries are just about my favorite fruit ever.

3. Butter Beer. Ever since reading Harry Potter, I’ve always wanted to try this drink . Sure, it’s probably not as magical as it would be at Hogwarts, but still, I think it would be lovely. A hint of melted butter along with a bit of a buzz? That’s enough for me. Although it’s probably more appropriate for chilly fall evenings, maybe I can perfect a recipe for it by then!

4. Some kind of mocha/espresso liquer drink. I haven’t found a to-die-for recipe for it yet, but I’m on the lookout. I do enjoy a good grown-up coffee drink now and then.

5. Blackberry Honey Scones. Do we see a trend here? I’m really in a blackberry mood lately, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve never made a scone before, but I can’t think of a better combination than berries and honey to try out. http://jennybakes.blogspot.com/2008/06/blueberry-blackberry-honey-butter.html

6. Rainbow Quinoa. Also from Eggs on Sunday. I really enjoy trying new dessert recipes, and I kind of think of myself as an excellent cake baker. But I really want to try this salad – and lots of other fresh, healthy recipes!

7. Stuffed Figs. If anything could compete with my affections for blackberries, it would have to be figs. And figs stuffed with goat cheese? Kill me now, because I truly could die happy.

8. Bacon and Cinnamon Ice Cream. Yup, you read correctly. Bacon in ice cream. Proving that there really isn’t an inappropriate use for it.

9. Doughnut Muffins. I knew I had to try this recipe out the minute I found it. I think it would be a HUGE hit at work. I love those fluffy cake doughnuts – the plain ones with nothing on them – not even drizzled in that sticky sugar coating. I have the simplest of doughnut tastes, and this muffin would suit me just fine, I’m sure. I’m dying to try it. Should probably save up calories for about a week before I do, though.

10. Creme Brulee. My all-time favorite dessert. And who wouldn’t be impressed if I could bake it from scratch?

Bonus #11 because so many of these recipes were using blackberries:

Truffles! Really, need I say more?http://eggsonsunday.wordpress.com/2008/12/15/truffles-times-three/


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