Busy Bee

8 Apr

It’s one of those days when I run around like a crazy person, with about a million things to do, and no time to do it. I’ve been so busy all day, and yet I feel like I’ve not accomplished anything today. It’s not as though I’m not working – I’ve been going non-stop the entire day! I think it has to do with the last-minute emergencies and extra tasks that popped up so often during the day. Those really keep you on your toes, for sure. But I usually don’t like when they crop up, because that means I have to put on hold what I was originally working on to solve the current problem. I figure myself a decent problem-solver, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy having to deal with crazy last-minute, off-the-wall issues that come up. By the time I can get back to what I was originally planning to do, something else more important has come up, or I’ve forgotten what it was I was doing before, or I start working on another project before I remember I’ve still got 50 other things to finish first.

It doesn’t help that it’s super busy today at the Museum, and we’re one staff short because someone is sick. I definitely can’t wait for Heather to get back from maternity leave, so that will be one less area I have to worry about every day! No time to go into the details, but let’s just say I’m not having my best day. I don’t like to work under last-minute pressure, when I thought everything was going the way it should, only to find out there are some last-minute problems I have to fix. Let’s hope I can pull this off.


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