Wiped Out

7 Apr

Today I feel like a grandma. My muscles are sore and stiff, to the point where going up and down stairs is kind of painful and certainly ungraceful. My mom and I went to the muscle plus class at the gym last night, which was basically a cardio weight lifting class. It was so intense. I’m not sure I’m strong enough for that again. It was a lot of lunges and squats and jumps, which I felt completely uncoordinated doing. I’m not the clumsiest of people, but I am by no means light on my feet. It was certainly a workout, and I can still feel it – and probably will still feel it pretty bad tomorrow. We usually go to yoga on Tuesday nights, so this was definitely a change. It was really fast paced and loud – not at all what I’m used to.

Yesterday was also my first day back to work after a long weekend. We had Monday off for Easter, so I was able to finish up a lot of my cleaning and run some errands during the day. It’s been so busy in the Museum today. We have groups scheduled to come in almost every day, and it’s been so loud! There was also a lot of walk-in traffic, so it’s been a little distracting trying to get work done today. I guess everyone is coming in after having their time off for Easter, and a lot of them are on spring break, too. It was just crazy in here. So loud, and tons of people. I mean, it’s really got for us to have that many people, but the trade-off is that it’s insane – people running around everywhere and a lot of noise. My office just happens to be in a really loud part of the Museum, making phone calls a little difficult. I don’t know if I’d rather it be quiet or really noisy. One means we’re slow, the other means we’re busy. Tough call.


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