Love Story

29 Mar

Last night we had Dinner and a Movie again at Nikki’s. Amanda was there, too, as usual. We had intended to go walking, but the weather turned out to be cold and rainy. Not very good for walking outside. Anyway, we went to Nikki’s house to make dinner and watch a movie. Our choices were Love Story and The Way We Were. We decided to watch Love Story, because that was the one Amanda and I had never seen.

The dinner we made was delicious! We had whole-wheat pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, feta, and scallops. Yum! So many of my favorite foods all in one dish. We also had a nice salad with walnuts, cranberries, and feta (for me, because I don’t like blue cheese). Nikki had made these cookies she said were island cookies, which were kind of like chocolate chip but with cranberries, coconut, and almonds. There were pretty good, and I ate a few more than I should have.

The movie was pretty good – kind of melodramatic for my taste. It’s one those that you hear a lot about, and always want to watch, and end up being a little disappointed when you finally do see it. I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but it was jus kind of talk-talk-talk with not much going on. I wasn’t expecting a big action flick or anything, but it just seemed like there was a lot of discussion about all these problems and not really much else going on. I’m glad I saw it – it’s one more to cross off my list of Best Picture-nominated films – but I’m definitely not going to rush out and buy it anytime soon.

It had a lot to do with class and society, which I don’t think is really so much a big deal these days. At least not when someone wealthy wants to marry someone who’s not, and risks being disinherited. I don’t think that kind of thing is so common these days. Maybe that’s because almost everyone I know is middle-class, so we’re not getting out of league or anything.

Anyway, the night was still fun. Great dinner, pretty good movie, good company. I like having movie nights with Nikki and Amanda.


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