Hot Tea and Totes

27 Mar

Today we had our spring fundraiser for the Museum. It was a lot like the Gala, except that it was basically a big tea party and brunch for ladies in town. There were quite a few of them dressed up in their hats, and I might have even seen a few with gloves. I invited my mom, grandmother, Aunt Mary, and Amanda to come to the tea. I thought it would be an event they would all really like. I think they had a lot of fun, and they even saw some people the knew there!

They served brunch and had both a silent and live auction. The name of this event being Hot Tea and Totes, you can imagine what it was we were bidding on: purses! The theme this year was gardening, so there were several gardening baskets, bags, and other assorted items in addition to purses and bags. Each purse came with a little surprise inside it. I’ve been helping Kim and Kristine wrap these presents all week, and I’ve been lusting over so many of them! I had my eye on quite a few of those purses. And some especially because I knew what was inside! I was working during the silent auction, of course, so I didn’t have the chance to really bid on anything. And by the time I did, it was all too expensive.

Amanda bought a really cute purse that I had had my eye on. It was a Jessica Simpson purse, which neither of us felt good about considering that we don’t really like her, but we just couldn’t help but love that bag! It was just so adorable, so I’m glad she got it. She’d had a crazy week at school and has had some family issues going on lately, so I think it was a good indulgence for her to have. I know she’ll get a lot of use out of it. If I’d gotten it, I’d carry it everywhere!

The food was delicious – we had an open-faced sandwich, fruit salad, bean salad, and a scone. And of course, tea. Because I was working the event, I didn’t have time to really sit and chat with everyone like I would have liked, but I did get the chance to eat. I had a lot of fun today; it was something different other than being in the museum or going on an outreach. The Gala was definitely bigger and more work for everyone in general, but this smaller event today was still good. It was fun to get to dress up and go to a tea party, even if it was a little cold!


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