On the Road Again

26 Mar

What a busy day today! I had two outreaches at different schools all day long, and I’m thoroughly exhausted! Probably not as much as the gecko, though, who came with me for both events.

The first one was another camp fair at Towne Acres. I actually have all the camp information finalized now, so I handed out a ton of flyers for it. The kids all got to meet the gecko, too. She’s always a big hit. I know I say that every time I take her anywhere, but it’s true! People love meeting her. She was so good the whole day – she didn’t really seem to get too tired until much later in the day. I don’t know how she feels about getting petted so much. I hope she likes it, because she sure does have to put up with it a lot!

This fair was a little weird in the way they had the classes come through. It was the middle of the school day, obviously, so there were classes going on and kids walking through at random times. We were set up in the hallway, so it got pretty tight when a lot of people came through at once. But each class came through all together at a certain time of the day, and they just kind of walked through quickly and got as much information as they could. I’m sure it was information overload for them, because they just kind of walked up one side of the hall and down the other, grabbing information from different booths when they could. Most of them wanted to stop and pet the gecko, but I didn’t really have much time to talk about her. I think most of the kids got our camp information, but they had so much stuff to carry, they really needed bags! A lot of stuff got dropped in the hallway, and caused some traffic jams. It was a fun day, but it was definitely different.

The great thing about doing this kind of event is all the other exhibitors you get to meet. There were people from all over town there, everywhere from Doe River Gorge to the public library to a local Tae Kwan Do studio to the Boy and Girl Scouts. Just a wide variety of people serving in different settings. It’s nice to have some down time in between groups coming in to get to talk to them about their programs. It’s a good way to network and find new connections for potential partners and programming in the future. Even if the day was weird, it was fun to get to sit back and talk to the people working around me.

Anyway, so that was the first part of my day, until around 1:30. Raja and I came back to the museum for a while to rest (well, she got to rest – I did some more work!). I had to get all my stuff together for the next event, which really wasn’t that difficult considering they were similar. This evening’s event was the spring carnival at Woodland, where my mom teaches. I was set up right on the main hallway, where people had to pass by to get to dinner in the cafeteria. It was a good spot, because I had a ton of people come see me. Raja was great with these kids, too. I’m sure she was getting a little tired of it by then, but she really stuck through it like a trooper. I actually started getting pretty tired! My mom went to get me something for dinner, and I had to put Raja back in her cage for a while to “take a break” while I scarfed down what I could of my dinner really fast. Of course, people came up to talk to me the entire time, so that was a little challenging. But it wasn’t too bad, and most of the kids I told to come back in a few minutes when Raja’s break was over actually did come back to meet her.

There were tons of families out there; this was their big PTA fundraiser for the year, so I think it was pretty successful. I know I had lot of people come see me, and I don’t think that was even everyone who was there tonight. It was kind of nice to have my mom there with me. She just kind of popped in and out because she was helping serve dinner and do other things around the school, but I was glad she got to see my whole display and watch people with the gecko. She’s seen Raja several times at our house, because I sometimes bring her home when I have events like this after hours or that start early the next morning.

I’m starting to see that this job is going to be an almost around the clock thing. It’s going to be very different from week to week, so I won’t have a set routine all the time. I kind of like that – variety is the spice of life, after all!


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