25 Mar

I got the cutest packet of letters from South Side today, thanking the Museum for coming out to do the fossil program last week. They were just adorable, and hilarious! It’s funny to see the things kids write and draw. I have a feeling they were studying adjectives, because the letters are all filled with words like “spectacular,” “tremendous,” terrific,” etc. Words that most second graders don’t normally use. In fact, words that I don’t normally use! I loved it – they were so, so funny! I’d forgotten how much kids can be entertaining.

Almost every letter had some kind of little drawing on it. Some were definitely quite elaborate – taking up the whole page with their exhuberance. It was so funny, and so cute! Stuff like that really makes all the stress and planning worthwhile.

I had an event tonight for the Chamber of Commerce. It was some sort of after-hours thing, where all these non-profits from all over town came to set up booths and give out information on their organization. It looked like it was pretty well attended, but it was hard to tell who was from other booths walking around and who was actually there at the event. I only counted a handful of people who came up to talk about the Museum, so it was a little disappointing. I wouldn’t say I had a bad time, but it was tedious. They were serving dinner from a local restaurant, which seemed to get a lot more attention than the presenters. The people I did meet were really nice; most of them had been to the Museum before or had supported us in some way, so there wasn’t a lot of new information that I gave out. But still, anytime I can get out there and promote the interests of the Museum is a good thing, to keep us out in the public eye. I wouldn’t call this my most successful event, but it was an event nonetheless.


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