Geckos and Silly Putty

19 Mar

The past two days I’ve had outreaches at Mountain View. Yesterday was Silly Putty in a second grade and a first grade, and today was Creepy Crawlies in first grades. These are always really popular things for the kids to do – they love making something squishy and gross, and meeting Museum animals!

Raja was really good. There’s no way to tell if she enjoys meeting all these people, but she’s not bad. I always like doing programs with her because she’s just so calm and hangs out. She’s a lot of fun. I really want my own leopard gecko now!

I had to actually pick up one of the hissing cockroaches – something I’ve so far been able to avoid. I figured it would be good to do some practice before I had to work with them in front of kids. I don’t know why I was so nervous, because those roaches don’t do anything. They don’t bite, they can’t fly, nothing. All they do is hiss, which just lets you know they’re not happy. But there’s not much they can do about it to defend themselves. So they mostly just crawl around and don’t do much of anything. But for some reason, they still creep me out! I brought one of their sticks with me today, so I didn’t actually have to hold it that much. Honestly they’re not that gross, but I’m just not really into them quite yet.

So yeah, pretty busy days since I’ve been back. This will definitely help our outreach numbers for the month. There are more events coming up in the next few weeks, so there will be plenty for me to do. One grant down, four more to go.


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