Digging Deep

17 Mar

I got a call the other day for an extremely last-minute outreach at South Side. The teacher who called had wanted to borrow the fossil molds, which apparently he’s done in the past. That’s not really something we’re doing anymore, but luckily we had some grant funding available for me to actually go and do the program myself. I was pretty nervous, because I’d never done that program before, and here I was having to scramble around and learn it in just a few days.

None of our lab our outreach programs is really that difficult. It’s all elementary-level knowledge, but it always throws me off when there’s that one kid who asks the question you don’t know the answer to. And it always happens. No matter how much you prepare, there’s always one!

So anyway, I didn’t feel fully prepared for it today, but I still pulled it off OK. I think the kids really enjoyed it. I spent most of yesterday getting all the materials together for it, which included making about 50 plaster of Paris fossil molds for the kids. It’s been really humid lately, and of course I didn’t fully mix it the right way, so some of the molds weren’t completely set by the time I left yesterday. It was an early outreach anyway, so I packed up everything yesterday and put it in my car overnight, but I brought the molds in with me and set them in front of the fire to hopefully dry out a little more. That didn’t really work, so some of the molds were a little crumbly. This didn’t really seem to bother the kids too much. They were just really excited to get to hold different kinds of dinosaur fossils.

Just goes to show that I can perform under pressure!

Also, it just so happens to be St. Patrick’s Day! Of course I wore green today. I was NOT about to go into a school full of kids without wearing green. I’m sure at least one of them would have said something to me about it!


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