Ten Things Tuesday – March 16

16 Mar

Ten games every family should have:

1. Apples to Apples. The concept sounds confusing and actually not very fun, but trust me, it really is. It’s hours of hilarious entertainment.


2. Scrabble. It’s a classic, and still fun. And it never hurts to improve your vocabulary, either

3. Set. The concept is simple: make sets out of things that are similar. We used to play this game all the time when we were little, and I still like it.


4. Battleship. Few things in life are quite as satisfying as sinking your opponent’s destroyer.


5. Clue. It was Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Rope. Trust me.


6. Cranium. Really, any of the many creative Cranium games will do. I don’t have a particular favorite. Pick one, and you’re sure to have fun.


7. Life. If only the real thing were this simple! You never know where you’re going to end up. You could be in a mansion with your handsome husband and three children. Then again, you could be living in a shack. Only time will tell!


8. Uno. I can’t tell you how many times we caught my brother hiding cards under the ottoman, only so he could be the first person to declare he was out of cards. We’re probably still missing most of the cards to this day.


9. Connect Four. In fourth grade, whenever it was bad weather that kept us from our continuous game of tag outside, we stayed indoors and had epic wars of Connect Four. We had to have one set for the boys, and one for the girls. If that says anything about it…


10. Candy Land. Because everyone knows that Queen Frostine is better than Princess Lollipop.

Please note that Monopoly is not on this list. While a classic, the only thing it’s good for is dividing families and forming alliances. If you want a game that will last for days and days with no resolution except to get everyone mad at each other, this is your best bet.


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