New Projects

15 Mar

I’m really in love with Alexandria. It just feels like home – which is good to know when considering I might end up there in a year or so. While up there, I found an incredible yarn store and an incredible bead store – two things that, while certainly not a requirement for finding a new place to live, don’t hurt the chances of swaying me in that direction. Two things that I absolutely love, knitting and jewelry-making, for sure won’t go out the window in grad school. Especially when I know there are two stores waiting for me to peruse. I’ve had a good yarn store here at home, but have always struggled to find a bead store equally as good. Now, I have both in a potential new home.

I haven’t knitted anything for a long time. I know I say that constantly, but I really am going to get back into the habit of it now! I have some amazing yarn that I think will go quite nicely with some other I’ve had on hand for a while. My creative juices are just overflowing now, and I can’t wait to get started! I’m anticipating finishing my necklace with the beads very shortly. Now to find a great outfit to show it off!


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