15 Mar

This is part 2 of our adventures in Alexandria and Washington. It’s good to be home! When we left off, it was Friday night, and I was just about to head out to dinner at Bilbo Baggins after my long interview day…

I have to say that Bilbo Baggins has to be one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was so warm and comfortable. Mom and I had a glass of delicious white wine – a treat for being so good recently! We had a terrible time trying to decide what to eat, because EVERYTHING on the menu just looked so yummy! I don’t think we could have gone wrong with what we got, but we finally decided. I had tortellini chardonnay, which was filled with salmon and crab in a ginger-chardonnay sauce with dill. Oh. My. Gosh. It was, hands down the BEST tortellini I’ve ever had. I ate every single piece, and practically licked my plate. It was perfectly creamy and a little bit tangy. My mom had yellowfin tuna with a garlic and olive crust, with mashed potatoes and broccoli. As amazing as my meal was, hers might have been better. I can’t even describe how wonderful it was. Oh man. I need some more of that in my life! Dessert probably knocked everything else out of the park. It was a praline ice cream coupe. Us Southern girls love anything praline, so of course we had to try this. It was basically a fancy ice cream sandwich, with butterscotch, praline, and vanilla ice cream inside pecan cookie crust. Drizzled with caramel, of course. And completely wonderful. There goes my diet right there, but it was so worth it! Should I end up in Alexandria, I know where I want to go out to eat all the time. And where I can take my parents!

After such a delicious dinner, there wasn’t much left to do but walk it off in downtown Alexandria. We went down to King Street and walked around for a bit. Most of the shops were closed, but there were a few that we got to go into. Mostly we were just checking it out for the next day, when we planned to go shopping down there for real. By then we were fat and happy, and tired, so we collapsed back in the hotel. The next day, Saturday, was our last day, so we really took advantage of everything we could.

We got up and went back to King Street once all the shops opened up. There were some stores we were particular about finding, such as the bead store and the kitting/yarn stores we’d found on the internet. We first found Fibre Space, which ended up being one of my favorite stores all day. It was so cozy in there, and had a great selection of yarn. We found another store later in the day, but it definitely wasn’t worth mentioning. At Fibre Space, I found some incredible new yarn that I can’t wait to use! I think it will go nicely with some I’ve been stockpiling for a while, but didn’t really have a great use for yet. The shop owner was so nice – she told us a lot about the area and things to do if I should move there, as well as offering advice for finding roommates and apartments. I’m kind of hoping to end up there, if only to have weekly knitting sessions in such a welcoming atmosphere. Knitters are usually such a nice, mellow breed. Anyway, after finding amazing yarn, we kept walking around some. We found the Potomac Bead Company, where of course I spent way too much money. But I did find some pretty incredible beads that I just can’t wait to use. I’m sort of planning a design already, based on something I saw in their store. Stay tuned for updates on that, because it should be pretty good (considering all the money I spent for those beads!).

The rest of our shopping was pretty fun. We found a cute little pet store where we heard all kinds of stories about dogs in the area. Alexandria is very dog-friendly. Perhaps another reason I’m starting to feel like it’s edging out Chicago? Anyway, we had a lot of fun. There are so many cute shops down there, we couldn’t possibly see everything in one trip! It’s so pretty at night, too, because they have lights on all the trees. It’s really nice to see and just feels festive. It reminded me a lot of downtown Greenville. But I digress. Back to shopping day. We found this home interiors store down there with a purple chandelier! I wish I’d taken a picture of it, because it was just gorgeous! Someone had already purchased it; it was probably way too expensive for me, and I don’t need one right now anyway, but still, I was definitely lusting after that. I think I’d love to have a purple chandelier in my house – so unique! Everything in that store was just amazing, and looked like an Anthropologie catalog. Which we all know is my favorite thing. I wish I could remember the name of that place, but alas, I can’t.

Our major plan for the day was to go into the city and actually see the George Washington campus. We went back to the hotel (after having tried some bubble tea for the first time!), and caught the shuttle to the metro station. After a good 30 minute subway ride, we arrived at the Foggy Bottom campus. It pretty much just looked like the city, but it was nice to actually see the campus. It definitely had more of a campus feel than just being in the city itself, which was nice. We really didn’t see too much of it, because they were out for spring break, so some things were closed. Still, it was nice to see what we did, because I’d hate to go to a school where I’d never even visited the main campus!

After the campus visit, we got back on the subway and went up to the zoo. We were trying to decide between the zoo and museums, and finally settled on the zoo. I kind of wish we’d picked the museums, because it really wasn’t good weather for the zoo at all. It was cold and rainy on Saturday, but I didn’t think it would be too bad. It ended up being a little more than we bargained for. Not pouring or anything, but it could have been better. When we got to the zoo, we had about 45 minutes before the houses closed, so we went through the bird house really fast. That was about all we could see, because most of the outdoor animals were not out in such bad weather. We’ve been to that zoo before and had a wonderful time, but looking back on this visit, I kind of wish we’d gone to a museum. Oh well, there will be other trips some day. This was about the extent of our actual DC visit – not too much! It’s hard to run around in such a touristy town when it’s cold and rainy.

We had been craving seafood for dinner, and since we’re on the coast where it’s best, decided that’s what we would do. We went back to the hotel for a bit to dry out, and ended up watching TV a little longer than we’d planned. This made my mom pretty sleepy, but I coaxed her out again. We had to make another Target run to pick up a few more things, and ended up going in a few more shops as well. My mom got a great new pair of boots that I’m jealous of! I shouldn’t be, but they are super cute. So finally, we headed out to a really late dinner. We found a seafood place called The Wharf that was downtown on King Street, so we went there. The restaurant looked like you were down in a pirate ship – all this old dark wood everywhere. It was nice. And the food was good, too. There’s nothing like really fresh seafood!

As cold and rainy as it was on Saturday, we were both glad that we didn’t leave until yesterday, because the weather was supposed to be really bad driving back. So, we waited that extra day, got rained on a little in the city rather than pouring on the road, and got in some extra shopping and touring time. It ended up being a really good decision. We’re such intelligent travelers!

Yesterday we got up and packed everything up and loaded up the car. We sat down in the lobby to wait for Kay so we could go have a cup of coffee. We met up and went down the street to Whole Foods to sit for a while. She’s gotten married since we saw her last, so we met her new husband. He’s really nice; I don’t know either of them hardly at all, but they really seem like they are compatible and are having a great time. We couldn’t stay for very long, because we had to get back on the road and get home, but it was so nice to see them. She really hasn’t changed much from the last time I saw her – which had to be like 10 or 11 years ago. So weird to think that it’s been that long! I think she’s pretty excited that I might be moving up there. She’s not really living in Alexandria much anymore since she got married, but she just so happened to be there that same weekend! It worked out so well. I know my mom was really glad to see her again.

Coming back home was fairly uneventful, except for the big butt that was hanging out of a window somewhere in Virginia. That’s right. We got mooned on the highway. Actually mooned. We have a sneaking suspicion that it was Virginia Tech kids on their way back from spring break. Anyway, there was a big hairy butt hanging out of a car at one point, and we just couldn’t believe it. So of course I had to text everyone I know and tell them. The responses were everything from “Gross!” to “Best day ever!” And really, there isn’t any in-between in that situation. That’s honestly the first time that’s ever happened to me. And hopefully, the last for quite some time.

These trips have been so much fun, and I’m excited that I got to interview for both schools, but I’m glad to have them overwith for now! I’m ready to just be back in a normal routine, with working and having a day-to-day schedule. I need some travel in my life every now and then, but I do like to have a routine to come back to. We’ll see how the interview results turn out in a few weeks!


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