In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

10 Mar

I can actually feel spring in the air today! It’s quite warm, and beautiful outside. I was starting to think we’d never again see the sun, unless in an airplane. I hope this weather decides to stay, because as I’ve stated many, many times this winter, I’m ready for the cold to be over. It seems like I’ve lived my life for the past three or four months in cloudy, rainy, snowy cold. I’m quite sick of it and ready for a change. It’s so bright today that I feel like I’m squinting my eyes a lot, but it’s a welcome change. It means there’s actually light outside, and bright colors, and warm weather. Spring, hurry up and get here!

There’s something hopeful about spring coming. It’s like you know you made it through the worst part of the year, and you’ll be OK to see everything new again. There are flowers and trees in bloom, and just a general sense of rightness with the world when you feel spring coming. It’s such a pleasant change from winter. When the seasons change, there’s usually some lingering weather mixed in with the upcomng season. This really isn’t so bad when you change from spring to summer – it’s just warm and pretty all the time. It’s not a problem changing from summer to fall, because you have that crispness in the air that lets you know you’ve got to enjoy the pretty weather while it lasts. Not to mention that the leaves are just gorgeous. But the transition from winter to spring is the worst. Not because you’re dreading spring, but because by now you’re just so ready for the winter to be over, and yet it creeps back into your life to make you miserable just a little bit longer. The slow transition from winter into spring is always the most tedious, and yet is the one you want to pass by quickly.

Hopefully I won’t have to say it anymore, but I’m ready for spring! Although I have the sneaking suspicion that we’re not quite through with winter weather yet, I’m going to think positively. I sincerely hope the cold is over, that the sun is out to stay, and that we can be outside again. Let’s hope this isn’t some crazy wishful thinking!


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