Ten Things Tuesday – March 9

9 Mar

Not that I really know how to do most of the things on this list, but I thought today’s list would be appropriate for us young adults trying to make our way in the world (happy birthday, Amanda!) Ten things every young adult should know how to do, especially if they live alone:

1. Find and rent an apartment. You can’t live just anywhere.

2. File for taxes and fill out paperwork for jobs. Something that I always struggle with. I never feel like I know how to read those legal papers.

3. Navigate the highway system. It’s really not that difficult once you get the hang of it.

4. Cook. For real. Not just from cans and stuff, but with fresh ingredients.

5. Change tires. As a woman, I should know how to do this, but I really don’t. I’ve kind of always relied on the fact that I’ll have men to do this for me.

6. Put out fires. You can’t live alone and not know how to do this.

7. Give CPR and the Heimlich, and simple first aid. You just never know when it will come in handy.

8. Work with simple power tools. Not really something you’ll need on an everyday basis, but imagine the look on a man’s face when you know how to work with them properly.

9. Basic sewing. We can’t all afford fancy tailoring. But knowing how to do simple things like hemming and sewing on buttons is always useful.

10. Type. The world is getting more and more electronic, and there’s just no excuse to not know how to type effectively.


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