6 Mar

I’m spending this weekend at Holden Beach, North Carolina. We’re having one last FM reunion before Mallory leaves for the Peace Corps for two years. She’s going to Belize, and unless we all trek down there to visit her, we won’t see her again for quite a while. I’m really excited for her – I know she’s nervous, but I think it’s going to be a great experience for her. I have no idea what she’s going to do down there – she mentioned something about building toilets in the jungle – but I know she will have an amazing time and a really unique story to share. She said she’d be blogging about her time there, so I’m looking forward to reading that.

Being early March at the beach, it’s not very warm. That’s OK, though, because we definitely didn’t come here for the water! Although the beach is beautiful. It’s on a little island right above the South Carolina state line, and seems like a really good place to have a summer house. The island is basically wide enough for like six rows of houses. Ours is right on the beachfront, so we can walk out the back door and right down into the sand. It’s gorgeous, and so relaxing. I’m sure it’s a lot more crowded when there are people here during the summer, but not so much like Myrtle Beach. It’s just a small beach community, and it seems really laid-back, and not really at all touristy. We’re some of the few people on the island, so it’s quiet.

We’re not all down here – only six of us. Of course, Sadie is in Spain, so she can’t really hop on a plane to come to the beach for the weekend. It’s so nice to see everyone. It hasn’t been that long – just since July, I think? But it’s nice to be together and get to catch up and party for a bit before Mal leaves. We’re really on top of this whole reunion thing! So far we haven’t really left the house yet, but then again we haven’t really needed to. We’ve just been partying at the house and hanging out – which were our only goals for the weekend. We’re planning to go out tonight to get seafood while we’re here on the coast. It’s always the best when you’re actually at the beach. As much as I love seafood, I don’t get as much as I’d like, living in a land-locked state.

We got up this morning and went out for breakfast at a local place in town. I’m sure it looked funny – all us random college-age girls with a few adults with us, looking a little worse for the wear. But all that mattered is that we had a delicious breakfast, and we came back to walk on the beack for a bit, and now we’re planning our Round 2. I will have done a lot of driving by the end of the weekend, but it’s still worth it. I’m glad to have this weekend off and be able to do this. I haven’t seen people from school in a long time, so I’m just soaking it all in.

Cheers to everyone!


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