24 Feb

One of the things I truly hate about being an adult, and just the government in general, is taxes. I understand that taxes are needed to fund projects and generally keep things running around here. But I just don’t think the government is using taxes the way I would like them to. But I don’t have any choice about it. It doesn’t matter what happens; I’ll always have to pay taxes. And I have no say about where that money goes. Sure, you say, I could change that by voting people into office that I think will be responsible with my hard-earned money. But the thing is, I just don’t believe there are any quality candidates left worthy of my vote. Sounds snotty, I know, but it’s true. There’s just not anyone out there better qualified to spend my money than me.

If you hadn’t guessed, I just got my tax return back. Except, instead of being a return, I owe them more money. Typical. I work hard, and still it’s not enough for the government. I alread give up enough of my paycheck to them every week, so why should I owe them anything else?

The thing that really makes me mad about this whole thing is that they taxed my Bonner money like regular income. No, not regular income. Self-employed income. Which is in a higher tax bracket, meaning they’re stealing more of it from me, when technically it wasn’t self-employment. Or employment in general. This was an educational award, used to pay off student loans, that I received at the completion of my Bonner hours. Which, I might add, I did completely out of the goodness of my heart, and for my art therapy internship. I wasn’t working for anything. Nothing. Just doing volunteer work. And the government feels the need to tax the shit out of that. Makes you think twice about doing a good deed, doesn’t it?

And that means they’re going to do it agan when I finish with AmeriCorps. I get another educational award and 15% of that is just going straight into the IRS’s pockets. This is completely unfair, I feel. Nowhere in life do they teach you how to fill out a tax form, or anything about health care, or those W-40 forms or whatever it is when you get a new job. And it’s not like they’re written in plain English, either. It’s some big flowery legal jargon that just gets you confused, and will hopefully result in you filling it out incorrectly to benefit the government.

I have a total distrust of the government. They waste my time and my votes and my hard-earned money. I’m sorry, but I work hard for it, and I want to keep it. Is that too much to ask? I don’t min giving it to people who really do need it, or supporting businesses. But I want to be the one in control of that. I don’t want to have to give it up and be told how I’m going to spend it. To me, this is wasteful. Let me be the one to decide who gets my money, and leave your big, fat, greedy noses out of it!

Welcome to the real world.


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