Ten Things Tuesday – February 23

23 Feb

Top ten most inspiring stories from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver:

1. Joannie Rochette. Here’s a girl who, by all means, should not have done well at the Olympics. Her mother passed away suddenly from a heart attack just days before she started her skating competition. And now, she’s come back and won a bronze medal. Heroic? Most definitely.

2. Cheltzie Lee. An Australian skater who only found out at the last minute she was coming to the Olympics. And several years ago, she and a friend were in a car accident that killed her friend and threatened her skating career. But here she is, skating in memory of her friend, on the biggest stage in the world.

3. Tugba Karademir. A Turkish skater who is the first EVER from her country to compete in figure skating. Her parents have never even seen her skate in person, because they’ve never been able to afford the trip. They were wealthy in Turkey but gave up everything to move to Canada for her to train. A sponsor paid for them all to come watch Tugba skate. She didn’t finish anywhere near the top, but just the fact that her parents’ sacrifice got her to the Olympics is amazing enough.

4. Canada finally winning a home gold. It’s about time they did!

5. Florent Amodio. A French skater, adopted from Brazil when he was little. He was found on the streets, and now a world-class skater. Talk about rags to riches!

6. Apolo Ohno and his dad. They’ve showed several interviews with Apolo this year, and of course since he made his Olympic debut several years ago have always talked about the relationship he and his dad have together. He’s a supportive father who managed to raise an intelligent, inspiring son

7. The Canadian Ice Dancing team. They are the first to win the gold medal for their country, and it was so great to watch. They were incredible and really appreciated and enjoyed the moment.

8. The Canadian men’s AND women’s hockey teams winning gold. Both defeating the US on home turf.

9. Any of the human interest stories Mary Carillo did highlighting the local culture of Canada. My particular favorite was of a blind sled dog who couldn’t give up racing.

10. Shaun White’s Double McTwist. I don’t care who you are. Watching that move was amazing. How did he ever invent something like that? I’m way jealous.


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