Blinded by the Light

21 Feb

This has been such a glorious weekend! It looks nothing like the past few weeks, the  gloomy, frigid, snowy days of a February winter. It’s been so beautiful and warm. We’ve been outside a lot this weekend, which has been such a nice change.

Instead of going to the gym like usual, my mom and I have been able to get outside and walk in parks and on tracks around town. We went up to the VA today, where I haven’t been in years. It was so pretty out. Lots of people were walking around there, or sitting out having picnics, or playing with their dogs. It was like everyone forgot about their cabin fever and took advantage of such nice weather.

The sun was actually out today, which was the best thing about this weekend. The weather report a day or so ago said we had had zero days of sunny weather so far this month – every single day so far has been overcast and gray, making for a very depressing three weeks. But the sun was out this weekend, warming up everything and making the day brighter! So bright, in fact, that I felt like I’d been hibernating in a cave somewhere and had just come up for the first time to see the sun. I felt very squinty all day, because I wasn’t used to being outside with so much sun! I liked it, though. Even though it was kind of uncomfortable at first, seeing the sun was such a welcome surprise that I didn’t really mind how bright it felt outside.

After we walked, we went to Earth Fare to pick up some things for dinner. We had a delicious fresh dinner, which made it feel even more like spring. Just a few more weeks, if I can hold out, and we’ll be seeing many more days like this one! It was just so lovely. I have total spring fever!


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