Free Day

24 Jan

Today was free day in the museum. That means it was extremely busy all day long, and there were tons of loud people in the museum. I’m sure glad I wasn’t trying to seriously concentrate on anything, because that would definitely not have happened. We even had a birthday party today, which just added to the stress of everything else going on. For me, it made the day go by faster (and I got to sneak a small bite of cake!).

Doing lab programs and birthday parties together is always challenging, and especially so on a day like today. There were more than 600 people in the museum today! I had to limit the lab programs to just 20 people, because there just wasn’t enough room for more in there. We were doing the wind tube lab, so it was going to take a long time and use a lot of materials anyway. Thank goodness for Christi, who suggested I limit each program.

As free days go, this one really wasn’t too bad. There was one kid who got separated from his mom, who totally freaked out. We found him, though, and everything was fine. Other than that, things really went smoothly. For me, anyway. But I was either in the lab or doing a party, so I really didn’t see much else going on in the museum. I’m glad free day is over for this quarter, though. There won’t be another one for a while. They’re definitely a handful. I’d go crazy if we had them more often than we do!


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