Busy Bees

15 Jan

What a day! I don’t think we could have crammed anything more into work today, it was just that busy. We had a school group this morning, for the first time in a long time. With school being out over the holidays, and then out for so long with snow, there haven’t been any groups come through the museum for a while. Now we’re really starting to get back into the swing of it, though. I did the rules this morning when the group came through, and I was a little rusty. It’s been a while so I really had to remember what I was doing!

There was a creepy man in the museum today doing some things he shouldn’t have done. I’ll not leave any details, just that he is not welcome back anymore. I went on my first museum shopping trip today. I had to navigate Wal-Mart with a heavy cart loaded with more ice cream, fruit punch concentrate, and dish detergent than you can imagine. I wish I’d gotten a picture of it, because it looked pretty funny. I got plenty of weird stares from people who couldn’t believe what I was buying. We pretty much buy everything in bulk, so I had way more stuff than was normal. It’s amazing how much stuff it takes to do things like make bubble concentrate, run lab programs, and host birthday parties. Not to mention just everyday office happenings in the museum. We require lots of stuff down there!

After work my mom and I went walking around the neighborhood. The gym closes early on the weekends – why, I don’t know. You’d think they’d stay open for people who are working during the week, and at least for people like me who work on the weekends, as well. But anyway, it was nice to have something different. I can tell that it’s starting to stay light later. I can’t wait until all this early darkness is behind us!

The weather was quite nice today. It got up into the 50s, I think, which compared to recent temperatures felt downright like spring! I definitely enjoyed the change of pace. I just hope it stays this way! I’m really over the bitter cold weather and all the snow. It was pretty while it lasted, but I think it’s worn out its welcome now.


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