Breach of Trust

14 Jan

The cleaning ladies came today while I was at the gym. We haven’t had any issues with them (admittedly, for someone who likes things in their place, I do get annoyed when things are moved around. This is, however, a trivial concern and easily remedied.) until today. I came home to find they had finished the upstairs already, so I went about rearranging my bathroom counter. It was then that I discovered one of my perfumes was missing. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions and assume anything, so I looked all over the bathroom to see if it had been put up in some random spot. I looked all around the counter, in every basket and organization container I had. I went through the cabinets, looked behind the toilet, in the bathtub, and on the windowsills. I couldn’t find the perfume anywhere! Sadly, I have to now assume that it was stolen, as there is no other alternative. I have scoured the bathroom quite thoroughly, even checked my mom’s to see if it got put there by mistake or if she borrowed it without me knowing. She confirmed that neither of these were true. And so now, that cleaning company is down one client. That’s what you get when you have sticky fingers!


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