Ten Things Tuesday – January 12

12 Jan

I’ve been kind of obsessed with my new phone lately, and for good reason. There are tons of great apps that will practically run my life for me. It’s kind of like the Swiss Army Knife of phones. I don’t know how I was organized without it. Here are ten of my favorite apps on the Droid: 

1. Pandora. The greatest personalized internet radio is now on my phone. Now I can discover new music no matter where I am.

2. Mobile Banking. I usually do all my banking online anyway, so having mobile access is really helpful. I have no excuse to not keep track of my finances when it’s all right there at my fingertips.

3. Calendar. It syncs right in with my Google Calendars account, which is great because it automatically updates itself no matter where I put in new appointments. It’s great for those times that I’m out but don’t have my planner with me (because as much as I love my phone, I still enjoy having that crisp new paper to write on).

4. Calorie Counter. I’ve been on a serious diet lately, and this app has been my best friend. There is both a food diary and an exercise diary to record daily calorie intake and workouts. One of the most useful features is the barcode scan, which scanes the barcode of anything you’re eating and automatically puts in the nutritional information. I’ve been using it for two or three weeks now, and have already lost about 10 pounds. Just from diligent calorie counting and exercise records.

5. Maps. And by maps, I mean Google maps, my trusted source for directions and overhead stalking. There’s a great navigation feature, as well as plenty of search options for your location (local banks, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.). There’s another app that I really love, and just have to mention, called Places, which is the ultimate search for anything you need while traveling. So once you’ve navigated yourself anywhere with Maps, you can find hotels, restaurants and bars, local attractions, gas stations, shopping, even medical help and taxi service. I have a great sense of direction naturally, but now, I’ll never be at a loss for something to do when out of town!

6. Fandango. I can search for local movies AND buy tickets right on my phone. Greatest invention ever? Probably.

7. LiveList. There are several different apps that help you to create to-do lists or shopping lists, but this one is my favorite. You can make lists of anything you need, from generic shopping to errands to emails to send out to specific party supplies. It’s really great for someone like me, who makes lists of everything. And I don’t always remember to bring my list with me, so now I’ll always have it with me. And it’s a lot less wasteful than paper!

8. Ringdroid. This app is amazing. You can save music on your phone, and use Ringdroid to create ringtones from it. It works by cutting the music into shorter clips, which you can customize, and then saving them as ringtones. I now have custom ringtones for practically everyone in my phone book. I love it. Sometimes I just play around with it without any intention of making a ringtone.

9. Shazam. Ever get frustrated at radio stations that don’t always tell you what song you’re listening to? I used to all the time, but not anymore, thanks to Shazam. This app listens to the music you’re playing and searches its database to find the song title and artist. It’s deadly accurate, too. Now anytime I hear a new song and want to know what it is, I can have my phone listen in and tell me.

10. ShopSavvy. An app that scans barcodes and automatically searches local store inventory and the internet to find the best price on your item. It really is savvy shopping!

Of course, this doesn’t even mention all the great games I have: Sudoku, Hangman, Connect 4, Solitaire, Magic 8-Ball. I even have a light saber. Yeah, my phone is so smart, it’s made me a Jedi.


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