Ten Things Tuesday – January 5

5 Jan

In honor of my theme for the year to reduce waste and find the buried life, this week we have ten things I’m doing to reduce waste and help out the environment:

1. Reusable shopping bags. I really try to use these bags when I go shopping, or limit my purchases so that I don’t need a bag.


2. Rubber coffee cup cooler. I found this on the MoMA store, and I love it! No more cardboard coffee collars for me! Also probably investing in a ceramic coffee mug to go with it.

MoMA Cup Cooley


3. Using less gas. On average, I’m buying gas about once a month for my car. Granted, I don’t go much of anywhere other than work, but it’s still helping out a lot.


4. Drinking from a water bottle rather than using plastic water bottles from vending machines. I really don’t mind drinking the water we have here, and it’s way cheaper than always paying for bottles in vending machines. Also, water is kind of a basic need, and I find it ridiculous to pay $1.50 for a bottle of it.


5. Buying products and shopping at stores that contribute to non-profit organizations. I like to support business that give back, especially ones focused on human rights campaigns. This also means shopping at ethical companies that treat their employees well and are socially minded, which means no Wal-Mart.


6. Directly supporting non-profit organizations. I even work for one! A few  of my favorites:

The Central Asia Institute  https://www.ikat.org/
The Harry Potter Alliance  http://www.thehpalliance.org/
Project Have Hope  http://www.projecthavehope.org/beads/


7. Buying used books. It cuts down on paper used in new books. It’s also a lot cheaper than brand-new books, and often they’re in great condition.


8. Recycling trash! At home we recycle paper, glass, cans and plastics.


9. Using old materials for art supplies. This especially comes in handy when doing collage.


10. Using recycled products. Everything from recycled/post-consumer product paper and pencils to shoes made of recycled bags!


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