Ten Things Tuesday – December 29

29 Dec

It’s that time of year again, when we say goodbye to an old year and ring in a new one. A time for looking back over everything you’ve done the past year, and for looking forward to everything you will accomplish in the next. It’s the last Tuesday of the year, and so today’s list is ten New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Get in shape. Oh, the perpetual new-year plan. I’ve spent the past four years exercising my brain and getting a college degree and have seriously neglected every other part of my body. This of course means I need to get into good eating habits and exercising regularly. Also paying better attention to my eyebrows, which have also been neglected.

2. Read. A lot. Now that I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands, I’d love to really tackle my ever-expanding reading list. It’s always difficult to read for pleasure when you’re bogged down with homework, studying, and writing papers. But now that that part of my life is over (at least for a while), I can really get back into reading like I used to.

3. Stop spending money on things I really don’t need. This means seriously reevaluating my spending habits, and deciding how much money I want for the future/paying off loans vs. how much stuff I think I need.

4. Have a positive outlook on life. I’ve really made progress on this the past few months, and it’s really caused me to worry less and to not hold onto things for so long. I’m generally not going to concern myself with petty things anymore. Whatever happens, happens. I can’t control the world or anyone else. Heck, I can’t even control myself some of the time. But I’m going into the new year with no expectations, so I won’t be disappointed.

5. Start graduate school. It’s still up in the air which school I’m going to. As of now, I really need to finish my applications, otherwise I definitely won’t be going to school this coming fall. But hopefully I will be able to go in a few months, and not have to drag out this “taking a year off” thing for more than I want to.

6. Have more confidence. I’m definitely not as shy as I used to be, but I’m still not 100% confident with myself. I think this will tremendously help my social life, work life, and love life. I mean, it can’t hurt, right?

7. Paint. When I’m not in school, I often forget that this is something that I genuinely enjoy and have talent doing. Funny, I know, but when you’re not worried about making any deadlines in art classes, it’s hard to do it on your own. I sometimes have a hard time finding inspiration, too, so I’m hoping to get some back in the new year.

8. Refine my wardrobe. My fashion fairy godmothers, Stacy and Clinton, would probably not be very thrilled with my current clothing choices. Not that I’m a terrible dresser, but I feel like I could really step it up a notch to look my best. I have no excuse to look bad. I’ve learned everything about dressing my body from Stacy and Clinton, and am an avid reader of InStyle. So hopefully, I’ll be able to take this fashion education to heart in the coming months and really look killer. And having a cute little body, as a result of Resolution 1, won’t hurt either.

9. Improve my vocabulary. I was a little disappointed with my performance on the vocabulary section of the GRE, mostly because no one uses those words in real life. And that got me to thinking that, while I probably shouldn’t use GRE-level vocabulary every single day with every single person (this is Tennessee, after all – you have to speak slowly), it certainly won’t kill me to step up the quality of my everyday vocabulary. I will definitely sound more intelligent, and have something better to say than, “That’s so funny! I love that stuff. It’s awesome.”

10. Keep my resolutions, for once.


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