Ten Things Tuesday – December 1

1 Dec

A couple of weeks ago, I did a TTT post about the sexiest men alive. I thought it would only be appropriate to also do a list of the ten (or so) women I think are the most beautiful.

1. Kate Winslet.
She’s one of my most favorite people on the planet. Classically beautiful, infinitely talented. And completely grounded, too. I just can’t ever find enough words to describe how much I love her. I know she’s not a goddess or anything, but she’s just about the closest thing we have around today. Love, love, love her!


2. Audrey Tautou. 
Charming, beautiful and hypnotically mesmerizing. I just love her. She’s just so cute and adorably French, with flawless skin, gorgeous lips, and beautiful doe eyes. I always forget how much I love her, but every time I rediscover her it’s like finding an old friend again.


3. Rosamunde Pike.
She’s so delicately beautiful, like some whimsical fairy or other ethereal being. Of course, this is probably because she played Jane in Pride and Prejudice. I think it was a good choice.


4. Eva Green.
She was so knockout, bombshell gorgeous in Casino Royale. I saw that movie and the whole time just wanted to look like her, and be as impeccably dressed as she was. She’s got quirky freckles, too, which I think makes people unique and beautiful. I think it’s that striking, high-society look she has. Something about her just screams “femme fatale.” Whatever it is, I’m jealous of it. 


 5. Zooey Deschanel.
So fun, quirky, bohemian, and artsy. I love her beautiful eyes and flawless skin. When I think about being fun and feminine, I think of her, like in a very unique way. And she has absolutely impeccable taste. She’s just so cute, all the time.



6. Natalie Portman.
Not many woman can pull off a shaved head. But she can. She’s got that perfect bone structure that women everywhere crave. I think she’s very unconventionally beautiful.


7. Emmy Rossum.
She has probably the greatest head of hair on this list, and for that reason alone she makes it.


8. Keira Knightley.
I think I would kill to look like her. She’s just so damn hot. Period.


9. Charlize Theron.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look bad. I’ve always been very envious of her beautiful skin. It doesn’t hurt that she’s insanely talented, as well.

Charlize Theron


10. Anne Hathaway.
She has a great figure without being stick-thin; she’s curvy and vivacious. I also think she has beautiful lips, as well (and not a bad singing voice!). Not to mention that no one looks better in red lipstick. She seems so fun and girlie. My friend Lindsay looks a lot like her.


11. Drew Barrymore.
She’s just so cute. And always seems so genuine and funny. I get the impression that she would be a great friend, and she seems so normal, too, considering growing up in Hollywood. I think she knows what’s good in life, and wants that for everyone.


12. Catherine Zeta-Jones.
I remember reading an interview with her once, when she was first getting started in Hollywood, talking about how everyone thinks she’s Spanish. I’d totally believe it! She’s very exotic and powerful. Not to mention a knockout in Chicago.


13. Alexis Bledel.
She has the most brilliant blue eyes! There’s just something about her I can’t quite put my finger on. Whenever I see her in anything, she just sparkles. Sometimes I wish I could be her. She’s just so cute.


14. Amy Adams.
My new favorite redhead.


15. Rachel McAdams.
Fun and flirty is always a plus.


16. Rachel Bilson.
I put her on this list solely because of her fashion sense. She has maybe the most bohemian and impeccable fashion sense today. She has a monthly column in InStyle, and it’s always wonderful. I always love to see what she’s wearing.


17. Cate Blanchett.
There’s such a powerful force about her, a presence so commanding you just HAVE to pay attention to her. And dear Lord, is this woman talented!


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