Night of Lights

21 Nov

Last night was our big gala fundraiser for the museum, so I was up pretty late working, and I’m absolutey exhausted! I had to get up early again this morning to do some more cleanup, and now I’m spending the rest of the afternoon being very lazy and recovering from a crazy work week.

We’ve been prepping all week for the gala, which has left little time to do anything else. I’ve been hearing about this gala for weeks, so it was exciting to finally see what all the fuss was about. It ended up being a pretty fun night, despite being quite long and tiresome.

I had the whole day off yesterday and the cleaning ladies were coming, so I decided to go help my mom at school to get out of their way (and also to give myself something to do). It was kind of lucky that I went up there yesterday, because it ended up being a crazy day for my mom. She found out early yesterday morning that she passed her National Board Certification, which she’d been working on for about a year. I know she was really excited to find that out, and that just started the madness of the day. Luckily she has an awesome student teacher with her this semester, so there was an extra set of hands to help control the chaos. Being the day before a break, the kids were especially crazy, what with making lots of turkeys, my mom being hysterical all day, having a student come in a do filming for observations, celebrating a birthday, having a guest reader, and a surprise fire drill. Really, I don’t think they could have crammed anything else into that day. That was by far the craziest (but still productive) day I’ve ever seen up there.

After school I came home and got ready for the gala. I had to be there about an hour before it started, to finish up last-minute details and get my assignment for the night. My mom came a little later as my guest, which was really fun for her to be able to celebrate her big accomplishment. Most of the evening, I was in charge of one section of the silent auction. Basically we had to make sure that people weren’t cheating, and watch to see when the bid sheets filled up and put up new ones. It was a fairly easy job, so I was able to spend time with my mom and some of the people she knew there. There were some pretty ritzy people there. I felt like I was mingling with all the local celebrities. Not that we really have that here, of course, but I think everyone who is anyone around here was at the gala.

The food at the gala was excellent and there was some pretty great music, too. The museum looked so different than it usually does; there were beautiful lights and decorations everywhere and it was just so pretty. Because the theme involved all four seasons, it wasn’t too Christmasy, which was nice. I don’t like to get right into the Christmas mood until after Thanksgiving. Even though I was working, I had a really good time at the gala. It was nice to get dressed up and spend time with my mom.

It was a really late night, though. We had to stay late, of course, to sort through all the items from the auction, clean up the tables from dinner, and take down some decorations after everyone had left. It was pretty tiring work – not to mention the fact that we didn’t finish until almost one in the morning – after having walked around the gala for several hours prior. It was a long day. Rewarding and fun, but still very long.

This morning I had to get up early again and go back to the museum to finish cleaning. We got everything done in our three hours we were assigned to be there, and I was definitely feeling all the heavy lifting from the night before. I know I looked really tired this morning; I got so little sleep! It was one of those nights where you are just so tired that you have a hard time falling and staying asleep. After I got back this morning, we went out to Cootie Brown’s to sit on the porch because it’s such a nice day. I got a delicious pizza, and I’m currently digesting it. I’m planning on doing nothing else for the rest of the day except being very lazy on the couch, watching TV and movies. I think I deserve it, after a lot of hard labor. It’s back to work again tomorrow, so I’m taking advantage of having almost this whole day off to spend with my family.

I really wish I had the time and the vocabulary to describe how nice the gala really was. I must say I’m very impressed with my coworkers. It really was great!


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