Battle Studies

19 Nov

So John Mayer has a new CD out this week, called Battle Studies. It’s been several years since he gave us anything new, and this was definitely worth the wait! I just love anything he does. I think he’s sometimes underrated as a songwriter and guitarist. He’s probably the greatest guitarist of our generation.

Anyway. I pre-ordered the new album on iTunes, and just downloaded it the other day when it came out. I can’t stop listening to it! I think it’s a good combination of his first album, Room for Squares, and the stuff he was doing with the Trio and on Continuum. It’s really, really good. He’s just getting better, all around.

I also just found out that he’s going back on tour this coming winter and spring. I definitely need to get tickets for that! He’s coming to Nashville and Atlanta, either of which would be a decent trip. I’m going to check that out, see if there are any takers for that. Surely I can find someone to go with me. AND he’s having Michael Franti & Spearhead open for him. JM really knows how to pick them, I tell you. I’ve never less than loved his opening act. The first time I saw him, he introduced me to Guster. The second time I don’t remember, and the last time I saw him he introduced me to Soulive. That man has some taste, I tell you. So excited. Concert tickets, here I come!


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