Ten Things Tuesday – November 17

17 Nov

If I were to compile my own issue of the sexiest men alive/the most beautiful people, these are the ten men that would make my cut:

1. James Marsden.
He’s got that chiseled face and touseled hair that makes him look like royalty, and yet this charm that makes him the boy next door. Not to mention that he has some gorgeous eyes. He’s also one of those guys who can be serious but also completely ridiculous. I mean, we saw Enchanted and Hairspray, right? Not only that, but he can sing, too.


2. Leonardo DiCaprio.
He just gets better with age, really. I loved him when I was little and Titanic came out, and then it became almost a cliche to love him. But I don’t care. He keeps getting more and more attractive, I think. He’s just like a fine wine, and he’s really getting into his peak. Why hasn’t anyone given him an Oscar yet?


3. Justin Timberlake.
Again, one of those who keeps getting better. I wasn’t one of those girls who had their “favorite” boy band member, so I wasn’t a fanatic Justin fan from the beginning. In fact, up until several years ago, he wasn’t that attractive, in my book. But it just goes to show that, when a boy becomes a man, he can really blossom. Not to mention that’s surprisingly one of the funniest men out there. Hot, hot, hot.


 4. Emile Hirsch.
He’s not really uber-famous, and actually very quirky, and I like that about him. There’s something just so appealing about him – he’s a little unconventional, I think. I don’t know what it is, but he’s got it. I watched Into the Wild, and the dirtier he got, the hotter he got. He’s one of my new favorites.


5. Paul McCartney.
As you might already know, I’m a huge Beatles fan and an avid Paul admirer. I’ve looked through so many pictures of him online, that I can pinpoint the exact time period that he was the most attractive: circa 1964-5. A little more grown-up than early Beatles, but not yet into the longer hair and beard. I watch old videos of them, and man, every time he shakes that mop-top, I kind of go weak at the knees. I love him, enough said.


6. Mike Rowe.
Um, so I kind of have a thing for older men. Especially ones with deep, sexy voices, who aren’t afraid to get into embarrassing situations and make fun of themselves, and ones with razor-sharp intellect and wit. Mike Rowe possesses all of these things. I know I’ve raved about him before, but I just love him: smart, funny, hot, everything. Not to mention that he just looks so good when he’s dirty!


7. Ewan McGregor.
He’s hot. He’s Scottish. He has beautiful eyes. What more do you need? He’s completely wonderful.


8. Dermot Mulroney.
First saw him in My Best Friend’s Wedding, and he just keeps blowing me away. Every time I see him I can’t help but ponder just how smokin’ hot he is. He’s got that attitude that makes him kind of a bastard, but in that really hot way. And that amazing scar on his lip? Hold me back. I don’t even mind his graying hair. He’s just got everything.


9. Christian Bale.
I really cannot think of a time when he wasn’t attractive. He was so cute when he was younger, singing and dancing in Newsies. And even better looking as Laurie in Little Women. But he’s done some much more impressive (and major) stuff since then, and he’s definitely maturing nicely. He’s insanely talented, because he does a different accent with every movie he makes (and even goes so far as to give interviews in that accent, so as not to confuse fans). And even though he’s kind of temperamental sometimes, I just think he’s so darn hot. Definitely getting better with age.


10. John Krasinski.
Attractive in that goofball kind of way, and proof that there’s more to being sexy than just being physically attractive. I mean, he’s not the most good-looking man on the planet, but he’s so wonderful. I don’t know how much it’s actually him that I like, or Jim Halpert, but sometimes I think they’re pretty close. I love when men don’t take themselves too seriously and are also very caring. OK, maybe it really is Jim Halpert I love so much…


OK, so I can’t keep this list down to just ten. Once I really got to thinking about it, I can’t really narrow it down to so few. So I’m just going to keep going until I have to stop…

11. Hugh Jackman.
Um, what can’t this guy do? He sings, he dances, he acts, he’s funny. We saw all that just on Oscar night this past year, and that doesn’t even include his film resume. He’s Australian, so score one for the accent. He loves his wife so much, and they’ve got some cute adopted kids who they felt really needed their love and attention. Read: caring heart. What girl doesn’t like that?


12. Orlando Bloom.
He’s not the world’s greatest actor by a long shot, but man, is he just so damn hot! Even as an elf with long blonde hair and pointy ears in Lord of the Rings. If anyone can pull that off, he can. God, he’s so hot!



13. Paul Rudd.
He’s got to be my favorite token sidekick. He really is best when he’s doing something goofy alongside someone else. I’m never unpleasantly surprised to see when he pops up unannounced in a movie, or dancing to Single Ladies on SNL. I love, love, love him!



14. Michael Vartan.
I usually go for that dark and handsome thing, but he’s just too sexy to pass up. Dreamy eyes and a hot voice. Oh man. I’m melting right now just thinking about it!


15. Jim Sturgess.
I can almost forgive his mullety hair in Across the Universe because he’s just wonderful. Singing, British, slightly dirty. Yep.

JimSturgess11.jpg Jim Sturgess (11).jpg image by eatmahass


16. Gerard Butler.
I kind of get the impression that he’s like some of his characters: loud, crude, messy, yet still charming. I don’t know what it is about that “bad boy” thing, but man is it appealing! He wears that scruffy look really well. Being from Scotland doesn’t really hurt, either. He’s like a real manly man, you know? Like a big treat you get when you just want to be a little dirty yourself.


17. Dhani Harrison.
I guess you could say he’s on the slightly awkward side of cute. Definitely the most attractive of any Beatles offspring. Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t possibly look more like George Harrison if you’d cloned him! I can’t help myself. I love him.


18. George Clooney.
The epitome of every woman’s fantasy. No one looks better than George in a suit. No one. There’s also probably no one better to end this list with.

Stay tuned for next week’s continuation!


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