16 Nov

And the horrid test is over. I did fairly decently, although I won’t know my analytical writing scores for a few weeks. I didn’t do as well as I would have hoped, but then maybe my expectations were kind of high. Having never taken this test before, I had no idea how well I was going to perform. But after some snooping around online I think I have a fairly competitive score. I guess we’ll see.

I’m still debating on whether or not I will take it again in December. It’s a lot of money to potentially raise my score a few points (or, then again, lower it). I just don’t know. Having to make adult decisions isn’t fun.

Going down there and checking in is like going through airport security, I swear. You’re not allowed to take anything in the room with you except your driver’s license, the pencils and scratch paper they provide you (which you then turn in when you leave), and the little key for the locker to store your personal items. No jacket or anything. Not even a watch. You have to sign in and out of the room every time you leave, and they check your pockets to make sure nothing is in them. Those GRE people don’t fool around.

There wasn’t anything on the test I wasn’t expecting, which was good. Having that book and the flash cards to study from really helped. I don’t think I would have done nearly as well without them. So, thank you, Kaplan, for publishing study guides. I might just owe my future graduate degree to you.

I’m just glad to have it overwith, and looking forward to having some real, non-testing reading for a change.


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