Ten Things Tuesday – November 3

3 Nov

Ten good habits, or, things I should do all the time but don’t:

1. Flossing. This is the one thing that I truly hate doing. It’s so annoying to have to maneuver your hands around tiny string just to rub it between your teeth. It’s weird and uncomfortable and I can’t help but slobber on myself.

2. Changing my contacts on time. I usually wear them a lot longer than I should, and I can really tell the difference in how my eyes feel when I do this.

3. Meditating and praying. I have a feeling I would feel better about life if I took time out for this. But I forget a lot.

4. Exercising. Of course. Desperately need to put this back into my daily activity.

5. Watching the news. I should do this in order to care about the things going on around me, but sadly I find that it’s just a big bunch of stuff I don’t really want to hear.

6. Eating a healthy, balanced diet. Doctors and mothers everywhere have told us this for years. I actually do really like fresh fruits and vegetables, and other quality food products. Unfortanately I also like a lot of stuff that’s not so good for you.

7. Getting enough sleep. This is a lot easier to do now that I don’t have mountains of homework to do every night.

8. Keeping your fingernails trimmed and free of hangnails. It’s healthier for you, and it just looks good. As an artist and someone who works with animals and kids, though, this rarely ever happens.

9. Cleaning the house on a regular basis. Not something I, or many people, particularly enjoy. I can stand clutter up to a certain point, and then it just gets to be more than I can take.

10. Getting regular haircuts. It helps to keep your hair healthy to have it cut every six weeks. Of course, I don’t know anyone in real life who actually does this.


One Response to “Ten Things Tuesday – November 3”

  1. Anne Marie 8 November, 2009 at 9:19 am #

    Excellent list. I used to meditate every day. Now, occasionally when I do, I’m amazed at how good I feel, and I think to myself, “I should do this every day!” and then I don’t…

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