This is Me

2 Nov

A lame, 8th grade attempt at writing poetry. It’s probably the most prfound poem I will ever write. I found it today while cleaning out my room. Thought it was worthy of sharing, if only for a good laugh.

I’m a good person
With a really bad streak
I’m really strong,
But I’m also weak.
I don’t need anyone,
Yet I need you.
I never tell lies,
I never tell the truth.

I’m really happy,
And sad at the same time.
I can make you laugh,
I can make you cry.
I love this world,
And I hate it, too.
I hate the way
That I love you.

I want to live,
I want to die.
I sit here and wonder,
But I know why.
I don’t want attention,
Yet I love to be loved.
Don’t want to be smart,
Don’t want to be dumb.

I want to be less,
I want to be more.
Want things to be different,
But the same as before.
It never crosses my mind,
But I think about it each day.
I know everything
And nothing, you say.

I’m never pefect,
I don’t make mistakes.
I don’t like to give,
I don’t like to take.
I’m really ugly,
I”m just adorable.
I’m priceless,
Yet totally affordable.

I can do everything,
I can’t do anything at all.
I’m keeping perfect balance,
I’m up against the wall.
I’m loved,
I’m hated.
These colors are bright,
But dull and faded.

I always win,
I always lose.
It’s perfectly clear,
But I’m so confused.
I’m totally predictable,
Yet full of surprises.
I still look the same
Under all my disguises.

I’m angry at the world,
But I have a pure heart.
I may have finished,
Now I’m back at the start.
I know what I want.
I can’t make up my mind.
I never lose anything,
But there’s a lot I can’t find.

I like being alone,
But I need to be around others.
If I want to I’ll do it,
If not I won’t bother.
I love to listen,
But I don’t want to hear.
You can go far away,
But always stay near.

No one understands,
Yet I feel like you know.
I need to go fast,
I need to go slow.
I love to eat good food,
But I’m starving inside.
I hate being wrong,
I hate being right.

I’m outgoing,
I’m really shy.
I’ll do anything once,
I don’t want to try.
I love being scared,
I love being safe.
I hate being early,
I hate being late.

At the beginning,
At the end of the week,
I’m still a good person
With a really bad streak.


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