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30 Nov

I finished my application to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago today. It was the last day to apply with the discounted application fee, which I fully intended to take advantage of. The only thing that was holding me back on that application was my statement of purpose, which is rather difficult to write. You don’t want to write something that’s been said over and over, and it’s quite awkward to write so much bragging on yourself. Anyway, I finally cranked it out, and the application is submitted! I still have to mail in my transcripts, submit my portfolio, and some other little housekeeping things. But everything that was due today is in, and for that I’m glad. One down, one to go!

I’ve been busy with work lately, and nothing else much. It’s been a rather uneventful, and un-newsworthy time around here of late. I don’t want to bore the world with my ramblings of everyday life, but that’s what’s been going on around here. And I feel like, if I’m going to take the time out to write, I need to do something other than weekly Ten Things Tuesday posts.

I had the day off today, because it’s Monday. It’s nice knowing there is at least one day during the week that I’m guaranteed to have off. I ran some errands today that have been on my to-do list for a while. Two weeks ago, when I drove up to take the GRE, I went to Target afterward. I ended up leaving some of my purchases there, so I called the store later that day to find out what to do about it. They said I could just bring in my receipt and they would take care of it. Living an hour away from this particular store didn’t make it easy to get back up there, but today I finally had time to do it. So I can cross that time-consuming chore off my list. I cleaned up a big pile of clothes in my room that has been accumulating for a week or two. It’s amazing how much clutter you can create just doing day-to-day activities like changing clothes. My closet is finally complete with its hanger makeover, for the time being. Hopefully I won’t need to do any more of than once I pack away the winter things and get the summer clothes back out. It looks nice and neat now, with everything in its place.

Off to bed, and back to real life!


Project 365 Update

29 Nov

In case anyone’s keeping tabs, I have been failing miserably at my self-assigned task to take and post one picture every day for a year. I’m well over six months in, so I can’t, and won’t, give up now. It’s not become a burden or anything, but I have fallen way behind on it. I think if I’m going to do projects like this, I really should be better about posting.

This post is of no value, really. Just my own little musing, and ranting, about my self-perceived lack of diligence.

Through the Looking Glass

28 Nov

I finally finished Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass today, after months of slacker reading. It was different than I expected it to be, although I did very much enjoy it. I’m itching to watch the Disney version of it again; it’s been so long since I’ve seen that! This wasn’t a particularly hard book to get through, even though it is rather confusing and totally cracked-out. I had to take long breaks in the middle to study for that GRE, which really interrupted my pleasure reading time. Not only that, but I just haven’t really been reading that much lately. I do miss this quite a bit when I don’t have some new book to read. Which really, I have no excuse for. I have so many books in my room, lots that have been read, and lots still on my list to get to someday. My problem is that I can’t stay away from bookstores, and am always tempted to buy something else to add to the shelves. I need to get through all the books I have here first, and then get some new things.

I went to the used bookstore the other day and bought some new books that I’m excited about. I have been trying to add to my collection of Redwall books, with the hopes of going back to read the entire series someday soon. I used to really enjoy reading these books a few years ago, and I’ve recently rediscovered them. Just a few more and I will have the whole collection!

Before I get to that, though, I’ve decided to read Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code. I’ve never read either of these books, although I have seen both the movies. I just got Angels and Demons a few days ago from Netflix, and it just blew me away! I’m not really big on conspiracy theories and all that, but I do enjoy pondering the great mysteries of history. There’s so much that has happened in the thousands of years humans have been on earth, and there’s absolutely no way anyone will ever uncover our secrets. It’s fascinating to me to think that, over thousands of years, for all the works of art, books, and other such achievements that have been made public, there are still countless things that are still kept hidden. As an art student, I love learning about iconography, symbols, and everything along those lines. I don’t really know how much of this can ever be proved or disproved, but it is quite fun to daydream about the possibility of things as monumental as this. Even though I already know the stories in these two books, I have a feeling I’m going to be quite entranced by the books. I can’t wait. It’s been a few months since I’ve really had something this good and intriguing – not to mention thought-provoking – to read. It’s funny. When I was younger, I didn’t like historical fiction at all, and now I love it. Maybe it’s the ones that are art-related that I enjoy so much. I think those tend to have the greatest mystery.

Ten Things Tuesday – November 24

24 Nov

Ten things I would rather be doing than going to the dentist today:

1. Sitting on a beach somewhere. Preferably somewhere on the Pacific or Caribbean, where the water is so blue and clear that you can see everything right down to the sand. Gimme some sun and a case of beer, and a floppy hat. I’ll be good for hours.

2. Stabbing myself in the eyeballs. Probably equally as comfortable.

3. Watching one of the few Muppet movies I haven’t seen recently. Muppet Treasure Island sounds good right about now. It’s just the perfect form of sugary overkill that doesn’t have any effect on your gums.

4. Being forced to eat foods I do not like. Including but not limited to: carrots, cheesecake, raisins, grapefruit, watermelon, blue cheese, and hazelnuts.

5. Shoe shopping. Haven’t done that in ages. Probably better for my wallet, although I’m practically itching to get down to the shoe store lately.

6. Listening to children all screaming at such high pitches that only dogs can hear.

7. Hitchhiking across Europe. Really, who wouldn’t rather be doing this than sitting in a dentist’s chair?

8. Hitchhiking across the US with nasty truckers. I might even be nice enough to let them talk about Nascar, video games, pork rinds, Harleys, and wrestling. Maybe.

9. Being extremely lazy by sleeping in late  and laying around on my couch all day.

10. Working as a mall elf with Santa. Gotta be one of the crappiest jobs ever. And I mean ever.

OK, so maybe I wouldn’t actually rather be doing these things today, but you get the picture. I really do loathe going to the dentist. Also, I know I said I was doing the second installment of my sexiest men/women alive list, but the dentist is taking precedence today. And it’s not ready yet. So there.

Fourth Time Around

22 Nov

It’s official. I’m going to see John Mayer with Michael Franti and Spearhead in Nashville in February! This will be the fourth time seeing John Mayer, and I couldn’t be more excited! I still think he’s wonderful, even after seeing him so many times. He’s very different each time, but always great. The things he can do to a guitar are just amazing. I’m obsessed with his new CD. I’ve been playing it pretty much nonstop since it came out.

I’m going with Amanda and one of her roommates. This trip also means seeing Akinya again, because we’re hitting her up for a free room for the night. I can’t wait!

Countdown to February 10 begins!

Night of Lights

21 Nov

Last night was our big gala fundraiser for the museum, so I was up pretty late working, and I’m absolutey exhausted! I had to get up early again this morning to do some more cleanup, and now I’m spending the rest of the afternoon being very lazy and recovering from a crazy work week.

We’ve been prepping all week for the gala, which has left little time to do anything else. I’ve been hearing about this gala for weeks, so it was exciting to finally see what all the fuss was about. It ended up being a pretty fun night, despite being quite long and tiresome.

I had the whole day off yesterday and the cleaning ladies were coming, so I decided to go help my mom at school to get out of their way (and also to give myself something to do). It was kind of lucky that I went up there yesterday, because it ended up being a crazy day for my mom. She found out early yesterday morning that she passed her National Board Certification, which she’d been working on for about a year. I know she was really excited to find that out, and that just started the madness of the day. Luckily she has an awesome student teacher with her this semester, so there was an extra set of hands to help control the chaos. Being the day before a break, the kids were especially crazy, what with making lots of turkeys, my mom being hysterical all day, having a student come in a do filming for observations, celebrating a birthday, having a guest reader, and a surprise fire drill. Really, I don’t think they could have crammed anything else into that day. That was by far the craziest (but still productive) day I’ve ever seen up there.

After school I came home and got ready for the gala. I had to be there about an hour before it started, to finish up last-minute details and get my assignment for the night. My mom came a little later as my guest, which was really fun for her to be able to celebrate her big accomplishment. Most of the evening, I was in charge of one section of the silent auction. Basically we had to make sure that people weren’t cheating, and watch to see when the bid sheets filled up and put up new ones. It was a fairly easy job, so I was able to spend time with my mom and some of the people she knew there. There were some pretty ritzy people there. I felt like I was mingling with all the local celebrities. Not that we really have that here, of course, but I think everyone who is anyone around here was at the gala.

The food at the gala was excellent and there was some pretty great music, too. The museum looked so different than it usually does; there were beautiful lights and decorations everywhere and it was just so pretty. Because the theme involved all four seasons, it wasn’t too Christmasy, which was nice. I don’t like to get right into the Christmas mood until after Thanksgiving. Even though I was working, I had a really good time at the gala. It was nice to get dressed up and spend time with my mom.

It was a really late night, though. We had to stay late, of course, to sort through all the items from the auction, clean up the tables from dinner, and take down some decorations after everyone had left. It was pretty tiring work – not to mention the fact that we didn’t finish until almost one in the morning – after having walked around the gala for several hours prior. It was a long day. Rewarding and fun, but still very long.

This morning I had to get up early again and go back to the museum to finish cleaning. We got everything done in our three hours we were assigned to be there, and I was definitely feeling all the heavy lifting from the night before. I know I looked really tired this morning; I got so little sleep! It was one of those nights where you are just so tired that you have a hard time falling and staying asleep. After I got back this morning, we went out to Cootie Brown’s to sit on the porch because it’s such a nice day. I got a delicious pizza, and I’m currently digesting it. I’m planning on doing nothing else for the rest of the day except being very lazy on the couch, watching TV and movies. I think I deserve it, after a lot of hard labor. It’s back to work again tomorrow, so I’m taking advantage of having almost this whole day off to spend with my family.

I really wish I had the time and the vocabulary to describe how nice the gala really was. I must say I’m very impressed with my coworkers. It really was great!

Battle Studies

19 Nov

So John Mayer has a new CD out this week, called Battle Studies. It’s been several years since he gave us anything new, and this was definitely worth the wait! I just love anything he does. I think he’s sometimes underrated as a songwriter and guitarist. He’s probably the greatest guitarist of our generation.

Anyway. I pre-ordered the new album on iTunes, and just downloaded it the other day when it came out. I can’t stop listening to it! I think it’s a good combination of his first album, Room for Squares, and the stuff he was doing with the Trio and on Continuum. It’s really, really good. He’s just getting better, all around.

I also just found out that he’s going back on tour this coming winter and spring. I definitely need to get tickets for that! He’s coming to Nashville and Atlanta, either of which would be a decent trip. I’m going to check that out, see if there are any takers for that. Surely I can find someone to go with me. AND he’s having Michael Franti & Spearhead open for him. JM really knows how to pick them, I tell you. I’ve never less than loved his opening act. The first time I saw him, he introduced me to Guster. The second time I don’t remember, and the last time I saw him he introduced me to Soulive. That man has some taste, I tell you. So excited. Concert tickets, here I come!