30 Oct

So, it’s been a few days, but there hasn’t been much going on that’s news-worthy. Just the typical routine: get up (usually late), go to work all day, come home and have dinner, work on grad school stuff, organize my iTunes again, talk to Melody, watch TV, stay up way too late, do it all over again. It’s been a fairly uninteresting birthday week, but relaxing enough.

I’m falling way behind on Project 365, but there just haven’t been many things lately that I feel compelled to take pictures of. I have to keep looking out for opportunities to present themselves. And I need to stop thinking about it so much as a chore, and just let the inspiration come to me. It’s typically been that I’ll take a picture just to summarize my day, but I need to get into some more artsy/unique stuff, too. Must be on the lookout for this creativity.

I’m sad to see October go, but I’m excited about Halloween! I have to quit procrastinating on my costume and get it all together, otherwise I won’t look good on Saturday!


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