23 Oct

If I have learned anything of value recently, it is that you should always back up files on your computer, and constantly check it for viruses, spyware, etc. For a long time now, my computer has been acting kind of funny. I blame it on the super-crappy “virus protection” my school made me put on it when I first moved there, four years ago. It didn’t do jack to protect my computer, as now my hard drive is completely shot.

Luckily, my dad is more of a computer whiz that I give him credit for, and he has ordered me a new hard drive and set it all up for me. I’ve been without my computer for about two weeks now while this all gets sorted out. It started with him just checking things out to see what the problems were, and to see if he could fix them. Turns out the damage was beyond repair, and so now I have to start all over. Dad had the forethought to get a backup hard drive, so I’ve stored all my music, pictures, and documents on that. Now comes the very tedious task of loading them on my now larger hard drive. It’s very sad to say that my iTunes history for the past four and a half years is now completey gone. I still have all the files, thank goodness (I’m pretty sure I would slowly waste away from depression if they were lost!), but there is no more playing history, and no more playlists. They’re still stored on my iPod, so my plan is to tediously work my way through each one and replace my playlists again. But it’s still a bit depressing to think that I’ve no longer listened to “Good Night” by The Beatles more than 100 times, and that I have no record of the number of times I’ve listened to John Mayer CDs.

Not that this is my life’s biggest accomplishment, but it’s sad to think that my music listening habits are now completely gone. I’m just still incredibly lucky that we backed up all this stuff before my old hard drive became completely useless. I didn’t lose my resume that I’ve been perfecting for months, and I didn’t lose any pictures (well, not any valuable ones that can’t be replaced), and I now have a completely restored (and refreshed) iTunes. I shouldn’t be too upset about the loss of the small things, because I’m so glad there weren’t any more casualties than this. If all I have to show for this is a brand-new start on iTunes, I think that’s doing pretty well. It’s just still a pain to have to go back and remake all my playlists, though. They were so beautifully organized. Oh well. Such is life.

Most of my free time lately has been spent getting my new hard drive up to the settings of my old one. I’m picky, I know, because I like certain pictures in my screen saver, and I can’t live if I don’t have every file meticulously organized and in its place. This whole computer catastrophe is an organizer’s nightmare. Luckily I already had everthing pretty much set up the way I wanted it, so nothing too major is lost. It’s just a time-consuming thing to replace. Getting everything back up to par also means that Lazy Llama 365 will be getting back on track again soon, so if your life has been incomplete without it, don’t worry. It’s coming.

Let this be a lesson to you all: do not trust your school’s virus proteciton. Be careful what you look at online. Constantly check your computer for harmful issues. And always, always, always back up everything you do not wish to lose in a blaze of violent glory!


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